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Jaw crusher common fault causes and solutions, jaw crusher maintenance

zkj/ Release time : 2023-04-01

Jaw crusher is a common type of crushing equipment in the mining field. It has a large crushing capacity and is commonly used as a primary crushing plant. It has a significant impact on the processing of large ores. Jaw crusher is an indispensable equipment in the crushing and sand making production line. Due to the high working intensity of jaw crusher, the crushed materials are mostly hard and large-sized stones, and the working environment is not good. Under such circumstances, it is inevitable that failures will occur in long-term use. How to solve the problem quickly and effectively is very important for the manufacturer. The following shares several parts of the jaw crusher that are often faulty, and the solutions.

As for foundation treatment: Jaw crusher is used to crush hard and large raw materials. It is normal to have strong vibration when working, and the reinforced concrete structure is stable. After operation, if there are signs of cracks or looseness, it must be adjusted in time to avoid affecting safe operation.

Timely replacement of feeder base plate: Long-term impact and stone wear cause large holes in the base plate of the jaw crusher, which cannot be patched. This requires measuring the width of the base plate and the length of the welded joint, which can be checked by a technician. After the welding and patching is completed, it can be reinstalled and production can be resumed.

From time to time, there is a metal impact sound and the liner plate shakes: This phenomenon is often caused by the loose liner plate and tooth plate on the side of the crushing chamber or loose screws, which can be replaced in time.

Product size is not consistent with the production requirements: This problem is generally caused by the serious wear of the crushing plate liner. Adjust the tooth plate up and down or replace it, and adjust the discharge opening to the required size.

Jaw Crusher

Jaw Crusher

The jaw crusher stops suddenly during operation

1. The jaw crusher discharge port is blocked, causing material blockage in the crushing chamber and bin.

2. The belt is loose or slipping, the motor cannot drive the slot, the grinding wheel

3. The voltage is too low, resulting in insufficient motor power

4. Jaw crusher bearing is damaged


1. Clean the blockage in the discharge port and cavity after stopping, and allow the discharge port to recover smoothly.

2. Tighten the belt or directly replace the belt with a new one

3. Contact the power supply bureau or check the transformer, the voltage reaches the normal value

4. Replace the new bearing to resume production

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