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5X sand making machine

5X sand making machine

Feed particle size: < 50mm
Throughput: 70-640T/h

Processing materials: Limestone, granite, basalt, river pebbles, iron ore, marble, cobbles

The 5X sand making machine is a new generation of sand making machine developed in the spirit of improving energy utilization, reducing wear rate, extending maintenance cycle, reducing maintenance time consumption, improving crushing efficiency and control level, with energy saving, high output, high energy utilization, excellent product granularity, easy maintenance and overhaul, and wide application to meet the needs of modern sand and gravel production.

The material can enter the rotor directly after centrifugal acceleration and throw it out, and collide with the circumferential guard plate to crush, or through the scattering disc diversion, part of the scattering from all around, and another part of the rotor acceleration and rushing out to collide and rub with the surrounding scattered materials, and collide and rebound with the circumferential guard plate, forming a circular blow. As the crushing proceeds, small particles of material gradually form a material layer curtain near the perimeter guard plate, improving the crushing effect and protecting the equipment, and the finished product meeting the specifications is discharged from the lower outlet.

Unique feeding method and crushing form: Completely central feeding + stone / stone hitting iron, central feeding accompanied by waterfall falling material + stone / stone hitting iron, abandoning the traditional equipment to crush the form of metal components, the use of high-speed movement of the material to crush their own friction Optimised design, high efficiency and high output: The optimised launch port structure and the smooth material flow curve inside the impeller reduce the material flow resistance and increase the material throughput and crushing ratio, resulting in higher efficiency, better grain size, higher output and lower maintenance costs. Quality upgrade, comprehensive performance improvement: The frame adopts a new hot riveting process, which enhances the structural strength and toughness; the exterior adopts the sandblasting and rust removal treatment and painting process of automotive technology, which achieves a comprehensive upgrade of the internal quality and appearance; the parts adopt high quality wear-resistant materials such as high chromium iron and high manganese steel, which improves the comprehensive performance of the equipment and reduces the failure rate. Reliable double pump oil supply lubrication system: Double oil pump complementary system can ensure oil supply, when there is no oil flow, no oil pressure can automatically stop, safe and reliable; using thin oil lubrication system, but also can reduce bearing friction, improve the bearing speed, thus greatly improving efficiency.

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