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VSI6X Series Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

VSI6X Series Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

Feed particle size: 0-330mm
Throughput: 12-650T/h

Processing materials: River pebbles, granite, basalt, iron ore, limestone, calcite, quartzite, pyrochlore, coal, calcium carbide

VSI6X series Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher is a new type of sand making and crushing equipment that absorbs many years of research and development experience and technical concepts, adopts new four-port impeller design structure and special sealing structure to prevent oil leakage from the bearing barrel and other processes, has a number of national patented technologies, has energy saving, long service life, wide application, etc., to help large sand farms gradually move towards large-scale and centralized production to meet national requirements for environmental protection and production capacity.

The motor drives the bearing barrel drive part of the spindle for high-speed rotation, while the rotor with the spindle to do high-speed rotational movement, into the impeller inside the material is accelerated by the impeller jet to the crushing cavity, and the formation of the crushing cavity material lining material impact, grinding, the material accelerated kinetic energy into the crushing or shaping of the material required energy, in the crushing cavity cycle of the material in the role of surrounding gas vortex after repeated Crushing and shaping, so as to achieve continuous crushing and shaping of materials, from the lower part of the body to form the required finished materials, this crushing mode is "stone hitting stone", this mode is mainly used for stone shaping and crushing; In addition, this equipment is also equipped with "stone hitting iron" crushing mode. In addition, the machine is also equipped with the "stone hitting iron" crushing method, which is different from the stone hitting iron: the material is ejected from the rotor and impacts with the impact block installed in the crushing cavity, transforming the energy gained from the acceleration of the material into the energy needed to collide with the impact block and crush it.

Quick change of crushing mode: The optimized crushing cavity structure allows for a quick change between stone to stone and stone to iron crushing modes. The "Stone to Stone" crushing chamber is equipped with an additional layer spacer to form a dense and stable stone layer, which allows for more cubic material to be obtained even against medium to high hardness stones; the "Stone to Iron" crushing chamber is optimised to reduce energy loss and achieve a higher crushing ratio. Improved performance of key components: Key components such as the impeller, bearing barrel and lower part of the body are newly designed: the impeller adopts a four-port design to improve the material throughput and the probability of impact between materials; the bearing barrel adopts a unique exhaust and dustproof device and sealing structure to prevent dust from entering and causing oil leakage from the lower bearing cap; the lower part of the body is changed from a "well" structure to The lower part of the body is changed from "well" structure to "ten" structure to prevent the material from blocking the discharge channel. Intelligent control of thin oil lubrication: Adopting thin oil lubrication and equipped with air-cooling system, controlled by PLC and intelligent instrumentation, it can achieve fully automatic lubrication control and adjustable lubrication temperature, providing more ideal working conditions for bearing work. Ergonomic and easy to maintain: Self lifting arm as standard, co-axial with the lifting arm for easy maintenance of impellers and bearing cartridges; hydraulic jacks are used to lift the feed hopper for easy maintenance; the height of the guardrail is reduced to avoid interference when the feed hopper is swung open.

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