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CI5X impact breakers

CI5X impact breakers

Feed particle size: 250-700mm
Throughput: 70-480T/h

Processing materials: River pebbles, granite, basalt, quartzite, iron ore, pyrochlore, limestone, coal gangue

The CI5X Impact Crusher is designed to meet the needs of customers for high profitability, low cost, energy efficiency and cost reduction. The CI5X series is the ideal choice for coarse and medium crushing in large capacity crushing lines. It integrates new research achievements such as a high precision rotor with high rotational inertia, a multi-functional fully hydraulic operating system and an involute crushing cavity, all of which are cost effective and help customers achieve reliable profitability.

CI5X series impact crusher is a kind of crushing machine that uses impact energy to crush materials. When the material enters the hammer zone, it is crushed by the high speed impact of the hammer. The crushed material is thrown to the impact plate installed above the rotor in the tangential direction and crushed again, then bounced back to the hammer zone from the impact plate. This process is repeated until the material is crushed to the required size and discharged from the discharge port. The size and shape of the material can be changed by adjusting the gap between the impact frame and the rotor.

[Unique cavity shape enhances crushing efficiency]: The involute cavity design allows the material to hit the impact plate vertically and the material to return to the inlet direction within the action zone of the plate hammer, increasing the number of blows and significantly improving the crushing efficiency and the granularity of the discharge material. The use of heavy duty rotor increases the rotational inertia and increases the linear speed of the material to improve the working efficiency. [The hydraulic operation system is simple and quick]: The multi-functional full hydraulic operating system enables full hydraulic adjustment of the discharge size and full hydraulic opening and replacing of wearing parts. The liner plate is fixed with high strength bolts and can be replaced directly from the outside, reducing the manpower and time cost of liner plate replacement. Bearing seat precise positioning device, reduce the operation difficulty of bearing seat positioning in the maintenance process. Integral plate hammer design, fixed and reliable, plate hammer disassembly and installation is more convenient and quick. [Quality materials extend service life]: The housing is made of high strength steel, the plate hammer is made of high wear resistant material, the rotor is made of low temperature resistant high strength steel, the bearings are made of international brands, etc. High quality raw materials are the basis for extending the service life of the crusher. The use of thickened liner plate, bolts rotate from the outside to the inside, avoiding the situation of loose side guards due to bolt wear, ensuring that the side guards are more fully utilised and the service life is greatly extended. [Fine processing ensures stable operation]: The heavy duty rotor is welded as a whole for high precision and impact resistance, reducing current fluctuations during operation. The laminated surface of the lower frame and the bearing seat is machined as a whole to ensure processing accuracy. The impact plate and impact frame are finely machined and fixed by means of nylon self-locking nuts and two sets of disc springs, while epoxy resin is injected to ensure firm fixing.

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