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Gyratory crushers

Gyratory crushers

Feed particle size: 152-1550mm
Throughput: 140-4000t/h

Processing materials: Limestone, basalt granite, quartzite, cobblestone

The HGT gyratory crusher combines mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, automation and intelligent control technologies, and is a new type of coarse crushing plant with large capacity and intelligence, which is in line with international gyratory crusher technology. Compared with traditional gyratory crushers, the HGT gyratory crusher has higher crushing efficiency, lower operating costs and easy maintenance and adjustment, and can provide users with intelligent coarse crushing solutions with large capacity.

The HGT gyratory crusher is mainly composed of the crossbeam section, the upper and middle frame sections, the moving cone section, the eccentric sleeve section, the transmission section and the hydraulic cylinder section. When the machine is in operation, the motor drives the horizontal shaft, which rotates the eccentric sleeve through the gears, and then the eccentric sleeve drives the moving cone to swing in a circular motion, thus achieving continuous crushing of the stone. The size of the discharge opening can be changed by adjusting the hydraulic cylinder at the bottom of the moving cone to facilitate the adjustment of the product size; at the same time, the hydraulic cylinder also provides the function of over-iron protection, when there is an object that cannot be crushed into the crushing chamber, the hydraulic cylinder can automatically make the moving cone fall down to release the object to protect the crusher.

[High crushing capacity]: The fine design of the crushing chamber is a key element in maintaining the high capacity of the crusher and enables it to cope with a wide range of crushing applications. The large inclined crushing chamber and long crushing face combine to give the crusher a high crushing capacity with a consistent output of over 1,000 tonnes per hour. The capacity of the crusher can be changed by simply changing the eccentric sleeve to meet the diverse needs of the user. [Long service life]: The extra heavy duty frame, integral heavy duty spindle and high performance bearing design ensure long life cycles and trouble free operation, even in extreme conditions, to overcome hard and corrosive rock and ore. Positive pressure dust seals keep dust out and extend the life of the bearings. [Simple and easy to operate]: The crossbeam bushings and seals can be easily replaced without removing the crossbeam, and even if the crossbeam must be dismantled, there is an auxiliary tool, the hydraulic crossbeam separator. Dynamic cone locking nut with cutting ring for easier removal of the dynamic cone bushings. Automatic spindle position control system for easy control of the product size and also to compensate for liner wear. [Automatic control]: The automated control system, which controls and monitors all aspects of crushing 24/7, automatically diagnoses operational faults, records production information and crusher performance, while simplifying operation, reducing maintenance and repair costs, increasing start-up times and ensuring stable and productive crushers.

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