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LUM Series Ultrafine Mill

LUM Series Ultrafine Mill

Feed particle size: 15-20mm
Throughput: 5-18T/h

Processing materials: It can be widely used in large-scale ultrafine dry powder processing of non-metallic minerals such as calcite, marble, talc, limestone, dolomite, barite, kaolin, dolomite, wollastonite, gypsum, feldspar, chlorite and so on.

LUM Ultra-fine Vertical Mill is a new type of ultra-fine grinding equipment integrating grinding, classifying, conveying, secondary powder selecting and packaging of finished products based on many years of milling experience and based on the introduction of very mature ultra-fine vertical mill technology from Taiwan and Germany. Main features:The fineness of the finished powder D97 can reach 3000 mesh, and the content of 2μm can reach 65% or more. The product has high whiteness, narrow particle size distribution and good particle shape. It is the only equipment on the market that can directly get 3000 mesh finished powder.

The material enters into the main machine through the feeding screw, and is ground into powder by the grinding wheel in the roller area of the milling plate; the powdered material is taken away by the strong airflow from the air inlet at the edge of the milling plate; the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotating impeller of the powder selector is cooperated with the negative pressure of the system to form a powder selecting area; the qualified powder is collected by the dust collector after passing through the powder selecting system along with the airflow, and that is the finished product; the coarse particles fall back into the milling plate to be grinded, and the large piece of material enters into the return screw to rejoin in the milling.

1、Adopting high pressure roller way to grind materials, high grinding efficiency; 2、The grinding wheel and the milling disk are not in direct contact with each other, which reduces the iron pollution and the whiteness of the finished product is good; 3, the use of highly wear-resistant materials, service life of more than 5 years; 4, the formation of the material layer, the material for inter-granular grinding, the finished product spherical degree is good, effectively reduce the vibration; 5, advanced powder selection technology, can be convenient, fast and flexible production of a variety of different levels of products, and product fineness of the split point accuracy and reproducibility; 6、Intelligent control system, stable and efficient operation; 7, the overall negative pressure operation, the working environment is clean, in line with environmental requirements;

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