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VU sand and gravel aggregate systems

VU sand and gravel aggregate systems

Feed particle size: 0-330mm
Throughput: 12-650T/h

Processing materials: Tailings, waste material, construction debris, stone chips, guaamei stone

The VU dry sand making system adopts a highly intensive tower type fully enclosed arrangement, which integrates sand making, granularity optimisation, stone powder control, grading adjustment, water content control and environmental protection treatment, which not only significantly improves the production efficiency, but also achieves the improvement of various indicators such as granularity, grading and powder content of mechanism sand, making the performance of mechanism sand comparable to natural sand, creating new opportunities and values for the development of sand, cement and concrete industry chain.

The VU dry sand making system consists of VU impactor, VU mould-controlled screen, VU granulator, humidifying mixer, dust and powder collection module and central control system. The raw material is fed into the VU impactor by lifting, and after high frequency stone grinding it enters the mould control screen, after sorting, according to the result of the sorting screen, the upper material of the screen returns to the VU impactor for processing, the lower material of the screen enters the VU granulator for re-shaping of the material, meanwhile the whole mould control screen controls the powder content of the material through the dust collector's wind selection, finally the material discharged from the VU granulator is mixed evenly by the humidifier mixer. The VU Aggregate Optimisation System produces graded, rounded and controlled sand, as well as dry, clean, high value-added stone dust that can be recycled in a uniform manner (depending on the raw material, the range of applications can be determined).

[Tower arrangement form]: With the highly intensive tower arrangement, not only is the floor space significantly reduced, but with the fully enclosed structure, material conveying and production takes place in a fully enclosed environment without the need to consider dust spillage. The fully dry production and screening process eliminates the possibility of sewage and sludge generation. [Crushing and grinding technology]: The centrifugal crushing method of "stone-hit-stone" is used to crush, shape and grind the raw material entering the crusher by means of a rotor, which combines crushing and high-density crushing, effectively improving the particle shape of the finished sand and increasing the proportion of fine aggregates. The innovative grinding technology and waterfall shaping technology are adopted to make the finished sand particle shape mainly of high squareness and sphericity, reduce surface area and porosity and improve fluidity. The non-circular impeller design and the inclined installation of the hammer head increase the contact between the impeller and the material, resulting in a good breaking effect and a stable ratio of the finished sand in all zones, with a ratio of about 10%-16% between 0.15-0.3mm. [Wind Separation Screening Technology]: The air separation technology is combined with vibratory screening technology, where vibratory fabric, linear screening and negative pressure powder removal are completed in one chamber. Adjustment of the powder content of the finished sand and fine adjustment of the fineness modulus can be achieved by online adjustment of the total air volume through a central control system. The shield diamond shaped anti-clogging screen is used, resulting in a high screening rate and low maintenance frequency. In addition, the screen is arranged with a large inclination angle, which enables a significant increase in production. [Centralised control technology]: A central control system is used to control the start and stop of all equipment in the electrical control room, reducing the requirements of the user and realising automated production. The touch screen can display key information such as impact breaker current, lubricating oil temperature and damper opening online, helping the user to understand the operating status of the equipment more quickly. The powder bin is equipped with a level meter, which indicates when the powder bin is full, making it easy to operate and safer. [Excellent finished sand effect]: The VU sand has a rounded grain shape, the surface angles and burrs are greatly reduced, the surface is clean and the methylene blue value is <0.5. The fineness modulus can be adjusted from 2.3 to 2.9 and the powder content from 5 to 13% without replacing any hardware, according to different needs on site.

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