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5X series European version intelligent grinding mill

5X series European version intelligent grinding mill

Feed particle size: 0-330mm
Throughput: 12-650T/h

Processing materials: Limestone, calcite, quicklime, marble, dolomite, barite, talc, calcium carbonate, gypsum, bentonite, coal, petroleum coke, bauxite, iron ore, gold ore, iron oxide red, potassium feldspar

The 5X series fifth generation European intelligent mill is a new type of intelligent grinding equipment with special structural design, full thin oil lubrication system, low resistance curved air duct and many other independent patented technological property rights, based on thirty years of research and development experience and drawing on new grinding technology. The intelligent mill with large capacity and low energy consumption is also the preferred equipment for large scale mineral processing plant construction and intelligent production for environmental protection.

The 5X series European version mill is a vertical structure, mainly composed of main machine, fan, powder selector, special dust collector, cyclone collector, piping device, motor and other equipment, supporting auxiliary equipment can choose crusher, elevator, belt machine, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, silo, control cabinet and so on. The material is sent evenly to the grinding chamber of the main machine through the feeding device. Under the action of centrifugal force and shovel, the material is crushed by squeezing and grinding between the grinding rollers and the grinding ring, and the crushed material is blown to the powder separator for sorting under the action of wind. The entire airflow system of the mill is a closed loop, circulating under negative pressure. Firstly, the airflow generated by the fan enters the cyclone collector along with the material through the duct, the collector separates the material from the airflow and the airflow returns to the fan through the return duct, forming an air circulation system; secondly, the excess gas and micro powder are sent to the dust collector for filtration through the duct, the dust is collected by the dust collector and the residual air is purified and discharged, effectively protecting the environment.

[Simple and intelligent]: Large grinding chamber + resistance-free wind system, so easy to increase the output! Multi-directional real-time monitoring system makes the machine run smarter. [Quiet and environmental friendly]: The worm shell is designed with a new non-damaging elastic vibration damping structure, solving the vibration problem from the root. The powder collector and pulse dust collector protect the machine from the environment. [Reliable technology]: Bevel gear technology, precision gearing, strong power. The main shaft drive system, grinding roller assembly and fan are all lubricated with thin oil, with long oil change intervals. Cage type powder separator with high precision, adjustable and controllable particle size, automatic oil replenishment and no downtime. [Novel design]: The special design of the shovel, runway and grinding ring structure provides a large grinding area, high efficiency and high output. New mesh type grinding roller hanger design, strong load bearing capacity. Double-layer wear plate structure design, effectively increase the life time.

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