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LM Vertical Coal Mill

LM Vertical Coal Mill

Feed particle size: <50mm
Throughput: 5-100T/H

Processing materials: Coal, Anthracite, Bituminous, Kiln, Boiler Coal

Vertical coal mill, also can be called medium speed coal mill, is the company for the domestic market demand, the combination of modern technology and years of mill manufacturing experience, research and development and design of new grinding equipment, is your industrial powder making field of good help. Vertical coal mill drying and pulverizing two in one, can realize drying while grinding, the system works stably, low noise, energy saving and environmental protection. Drying and pulverizing two in one, can dry while grinding; Localized large vertical coal mill; Adopting grinding roller hydraulic device and limit device.

Raw coal is screened through the lattice screen from the raw coal stockpile and then falls onto the belt conveyor or elevator with large inclination angle, and after iron removal by electromagnetic iron remover, the belt conveyor or elevator sends the raw coal into the raw coal silo for storage. After the pulverizing system has been started, open the bar valve at the bottom of the raw coal bin, start the sealed metering tape coal feeder, and the raw coal enters the vertical coal mill for drying and pulverizing. The hot air or exhaust gas from the hot air furnace, under the extraction of the system fan, enters into the vertical coal mill, and the raw coal to be milled in the mill for full heat exchange, and then bring up the coal dust in the separator for separation, the fineness of the unqualified coarse coal dust to fall back to the mill for milling, the qualified coal dust with the airflow into the explosion-proof air box pulse dust collector to be collected, and then unloaded into the pulverized coal warehouse through the compartment wheel. The debris in the raw coal, such as part of the gangue, metal pieces, etc., are excluded from the mill through the wind ring and slag spit. In the whole process, CO-O2 online analysis system is set up, and when processing coal with high volatile matter, protective measures such as nitrogen protection and CO2 automatic fire extinguishing system can be set up.

Intelligent upgrading of grinding rollers and machine body: Hydraulic device, the grinding roller can be turned out of the machine with hydraulic device, and it is very convenient to replace the roller sleeve liner and have a large space for mill overhaul. And there is no need to fabric on the mill plate before start-up, the mill can be started with no load, eliminating the trouble of difficult start-up. Optimized design prolongs service life: The roller sleeve can be used on the other side, which prolongs the service life of the wear-resistant material. The grinding roller shaft is lubricated with thin oil and adopts circulating forced lubrication, which has good stability and long service life. Stable and reliable operating capacity: Grinding roller limiting device, avoiding violent vibration of the mill during working time due to material breakage. New grinding roller sealing device, more reliable sealing, and no need for sealing fan. Hydraulic operating system is simple and fast: Due to the hydraulic device and limit device, the gap between the grinding roller and the grinding disk can be adjusted to a constant gap with the wear and tear, which guarantees the grinding pressure and stable output. The powder selector adopts frequency conversion control, the fineness adjustment is convenient and quick, and the particle size is stable.
LM Vertical Coal Mill

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