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PY Spring Cone Crusher

PY Spring Cone Crusher

Feed particle size: 0-300mm
Throughput: 12-1000T/h

Processing materials: Medium and hard ores and rocks such as iron ore, copper ore, limestone, quartz, granite, basalt and gabbro

The spring cone crusher is the crushing chamber type of the spring cone crusher. The crushing chamber type is determined by the use of the ore, with the standard type for medium crushing, the medium type for fine crushing and the short head type for ultra-fine crushing. It is suitable for crushing hard and medium hard ores and rocks, such as iron ore, copper ore, limestone, quartz, granite, basalt, faience, etc. It is widely used in metallurgy, construction, road building, chemical and phosphate industries.

The PY Spring Cone Crusher consists of a frame, a fixed cone assembly, a moving cone assembly, a spring mechanism, a bowl type shaft frame and a transmission system; the auxiliary part consists of an electrical system, a thin oil lubrication system and a hydraulic cavity cleaning system. When the spring cone crusher is in operation, the motor drives the large cone gear at the bottom of the eccentric sleeve through the hydraulic coupling and the small bevel gear, which rotates the eccentric sleeve and causes the cone to swing in a rotary motion to crush the material.

[crushing easy style more]: The moving cone rotates continuously, the material is crushed and discharged alternately, resulting in high production efficiency; there is a parallel belt with equal gap between the moving cone and the fixed cone, thus the size of the finished product is uniform and the working surface of the moving cone is worn evenly. [High quality material finishing]: The material is crushed, bent and sheared between the two cones, making it easy to crush, with low power consumption and mostly cubic in shape; users can choose from standard, medium and short-head machines according to their coarse, medium and fine crushing needs. [Double sealing protection]: With dry oil and water sealing, it is difficult for impurities to enter the body, which ensures the cleanliness of the lubricating oil and delays the life cycle of the sliding bearings and thrust ball bearings. [Overload protection mechanism]: Overload protection using spring safety system, so that metal foreign objects pass through the crushing chamber without endangering the equipment; easy disassembly, easy maintenance, reducing downtime for maintenance.

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