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Gansu Lanzhou Bituminous Coal Grinding Project

The project was put into operation in 2018 for clean coal powder preparation. The customer is a clean energy company in Lanzhou, Gansu, mainly engaged in coal pulverization, coal carbon, Lan carbon processing and sales business, which is quite famous in the local area, and the coal pulverization business is very prosperous. Based on the rich experience of coal pulverization, the customer is familiar with the grinding equipment and is professional in purchasing products. Our vertical coal mill has obvious advantages and the coal powder is of high quality.

Processing material: bituminous coal (water content <15%, HGI>52)

Production capacity: 45-48T/H

Feed size: <30mm

Fineness of finished product: 200 mesh D90, water content

Site condition:

The raw coal falls from the raw coal yard to the large inclination belt conveyor or hoist after passing through the grizzly screen, and after the electromagnetic iron remover removes iron, the belt conveyor or hoist sends the raw coal into the raw coal bin for storage. After the pulverizing system has been started, open the rod valve at the bottom of the raw coal bin, start the sealed metering tape coal feeder, and the raw coal will enter the LM2200M vertical coal mill for drying and grinding.
The hot air or exhaust gas from the hot blast furnace enters the vertical coal mill under the pumping of the system fan, and after full heat exchange with the raw coal being ground in the mill, it brings up the coal powder for sorting at the separator, and the coarse coal powder with unqualified fineness falls back to the mill plate for grinding, while the qualified coal powder enters the explosion-proof air box pulse dust collector with the airflow and is collected and discharged into the coal powder bin through the dividing wheel. The debris in the raw coal, such as some gangue, metal pieces, etc., are excluded from the mill through the wind ring and slag spitting.

Customer evaluation:

Having been engaged in coal pulverization for so many years, we have used a lot of equipment, and the experience of Liming's equipment is very good. Since it has been put into operation, the production has never been interrupted, the fineness of the output powder is up to standard, the output exceeds expectation, the quality of coal powder is very good, we are very satisfied. Liming is a good partner to cooperate with for a long time.