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Investment in new energy lithium ore mining, what equipment is needed for the breaking and grinding process

Lithium is a naturally occurring lithium resource that can be economically mined, and more than 150 types of lithium minerals and lithium-bearing ores have been found in nature. Related information shows that lithium ( Li ) is the lightest metal in nature. Silvery white, specific gravity 0.534, melting point 180 ℃, boiling point 1347 ℃. Compared with rare earths and other resources, lithium ore has a wider range of applications and is also closely related to the development of science and technology, and lithium batteries made from lithium ore are now the mainstream batteries for various electronic products, including laptops, tablet PCs, smartphones, etc. The distribution of lithium resources in China is relatively concentrated, with more than 80% of lithium resources stored in salt lakes, mainly in Qinghai and Tibet.

The equipment and process used in the mining of lithium ore, the preliminary beneficiation mining, need to use crushing equipment, Liming Heavy Industry is a focus on the development of the mining field, more than 30 years of development, the production of the need for reliable equipment, such as, jaw crusher, cone crusher, mobile crushing plant, vertical mill, ultra-fine mill and other excellent equipment. As a manufacturer with many experiences, we recommend the use of mobile crushing plant in lithium ore mining for the following reasons.

lithium ore,lithium ore breaking and grinding process

Lithium ore crushing process

The tire type mobile crushing plant is suitable for crushing, screening, shaping and sand making operation of various soft rocks, hard rocks and construction waste. The plant has a total of 14 product line models and 5 frames equipped with 19 standard mobile equipment modules. The features of the mobile production line include: mature host equipment, fast line formation to meet operational needs, modular and simple installation, overall mobile flexibility, standardization and generalization, etc.

Lithium is widely used, not only to provide energy for various electronic products and new energy vehicles, but also as one of the country's important strategic reserve resources. The recent price of lithium ore has strengthened, and there are different opinions on the market about its late price trend. Some think that the terminal demand of new energy industry is strong, and the supply of upstream raw materials exceeds demand or leads to further expansion of the gap, and the price of lithium ore may continue to go up. Users who want to invest in lithium ore project can contact us, and Dawn Heavy Industries will configure a reasonable production plan for you.Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)