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Zijin Mining's cooperation with Liming Heavy Industry in the Lithium War

In the background of "carbon neutral", lithium as an important element to support the energy transition, is defined as the new energy era of "white oil". Especially in the context of the rising market share of new energy vehicles, lithium has become a "must-have", lithium salt and lithium ore prices are all the way high.

In July 2022, Zijin Mining decided to use our jaw crusher, cone crusher and impact crusher mobile station to help the rapid development of its lithium mining project, which is also the fifth cooperation between Dawn Heavy Industry and Zijin Mining.

"Those who wish to cooperate are not far from the mountains and seas." In the middle of 2020, Zijin Mining Industry found Liming Heavy Industry with its copper crushing demand. After understanding the specific needs, the technical team of Liming Heavy Industry started several program discussions one after another, and finally delivered a technical solution from the overall design to the detailed grasp were highly recognized by Zijin Mining, and adopted our series of mobile crushing equipment. The "excellent product quality + professional after-sales service" makes Liming Heavy Industry become the partner of Zijin Mining five times in just two years.

Liming Heavy Industry also lives up to its promise, and gives its best to every cooperation with customers. Metal ore project is more complicated than sand and gravel crushing project process. In the whole process of metal ore project, Liming Heavy Industry provides the whole set of process design, including crushing, grinding and beneficiation. At the same time, in order to ensure the environmental protection standard of the project site, special dust collector and water washing equipment are added.

Project scale: crushing system 600,000 tons/year

Processing material: lithium mica ore

Finished product size: -3mm P80

Equipment configuration: four combination mobile station + impact crushing mobile station + vibrating screen mobile station

Finished material use: grinding → magnetic separation → re-election

Delivery time: 20 days for the four combined mobile stations, 30 days for all contract equipment

Delivery time: 21 days from installation and commissioning to production with material

The series of mobile crushing plant launched by Liming Heavy Industry can be widely used in metal mining field, which can meet the site demand of diversified, high quality and high output of customers, and is committed to provide customers with a comprehensive system of integrated solutions.

Advantages in mining projects.

Short cycle time, fast return

Liming Heavy Industry Crushing Mobile Plant is especially suitable for projects with short construction period and urgent use of materials. The integrated car body is designed to avoid the long cycle of equipment infrastructure construction, which also reduces the project investment cost to a certain extent.

Flexible and mobile, break with the move

Liming Heavy Industry mobile crushing plant integrated whole set of units, flexible mobility, small footprint and easy to operate, strong adaptability to the operating environment, can achieve rapid transfer, rapid production.

Advanced technology, reliable equipment

The main equipment adopts advanced hydraulic control technology and mature process, which makes the overall production technology and process equipment in the advanced level at home and abroad, ensuring the efficient and stable operation of the whole project.

Various models, wide range of application

Liming Heavy Industry Mobile Crushing Plant can adapt to equipment switching to meet customers' various personalized needs.