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LM slag vertical mill

LM slag vertical mill

Feed particle size: 38-65mm
Throughput: 7-100T/H

Processing materials: Slag, water slag, furnace slag, steel slag

As a new type of admixture for high-performance concrete, slag micropowder has the advantage of improving various properties of concrete such as compressive, tensile, shear and flexural resistance. At present, it has become a mainstream trend in the building materials industry to replace the amount of cement in concrete and cement products with slag micropowder in equal amount.LM Slag Vertical Mill is a special equipment for grinding industrial waste slag into powder, which integrates crushing, conveying, grinding and drying, and it is the ideal slag micropowder production equipment.

Slag vertical mill is a kind of negative-pressure air-swept grinding equipment, which dries the slag and grinds the slag. When working, the main motor through the reducer to drive the mill rotating, while the hot air from the inlet into the vertical mill body, the material from the downstream mouth fell in the center of the mill, under the action of centrifugal force, the material from the center of the mill to the edge of the uniform movement, through the mill on the mill rollers area, by the grinding roller milling, the large material is crushed directly, the fine material is squeezed by the formation of a bed of material for the inter-particle crushing. The crushed material continues to move to the edge of the mill until it is taken away by the strong airflow at the wind ring, and the larger particles fall back to the mill to continue crushing, the material in the airflow through the upper part of the separator, under the action of the rotor blade, the coarse particles are back to the mill for grinding, and the qualified fines come out of the mill with the airflow, and are collected by the collector of the system, and the collected powders are the products milled by the vertical mill. Mixed into the material, iron and other debris with the material movement to the edge of the grinding disk, due to their own weight and can not be blown up by the wind, fell to the mill cavity by the installation of the bottom of the grinding disk scraping plate scraped into the slag discharge port out of the machine.

Structure Advantage: LM Slag Vertical Roller Mill is an energy-saving mill equipment that combines the mature vertical mill technology of our division, the successful experience from abroad and the upgrading of our technological innovation. The machine body adopts three-dimensional structure, covers a small area, complete sets of strong, from the block material to the finished powder into a production system. The whole machine integrates crushing, drying, grinding, classifying and conveying in one, with compact layout and small footprint; the process is mature, which can be applied to both raw material and clinker grinding, and can also be used as a pre-powder milling equipment to make the subsequent mills increase production and energy-saving significantly. Operation Advantage: The grinding roller of LM Slag Vertical Roller Mill directly grinds and crushes the materials on the grinding disk, which can reduce energy consumption; the hot air directly contacts the materials inside the mill, which strengthens its drying capacity and is equivalent to saving a dryer; LM Slag Vertical Roller Mill adopts the way of running with the grinding rollers grinding and crushing the materials on the grinding disk directly, which reduces energy consumption; the important parts are made of good-quality steel, and wear-resistant parts are made of high-performance The important parts are made of good quality steel, and the wear-resistant parts are made of high-performance wear-resistant materials, so that the whole machine has high wear-resistant performance, reliable operation, long service life of wear parts and high efficiency. Efficiency and precision advantage: The size of grinding force can be increased by means of hydraulic pressurization, so as to increase the output and improve the efficiency of grinding; according to the different particle size requirements of the finished products, the powder selector adopts cage powder selector and conical rotor powder selector, so as to improve the precision of powder selecting. The two sets of processes of grinding and powder selecting can be realized by one equipment, which can realize the function of simultaneous operation of grinding and powder selecting. The special grinding roller mill structure design, large grinding area, short residence time of materials in the mill, and its finished powder fineness is uniform, high sieving rate. Maintenance Advantage: The grinding roller bearings of the whole system of LM slag vertical roller mill adopt forced thin oil lubrication, with long bearing life; LM slag vertical roller mill adopts independent oil station, and its body has the automatic protection system of oil pressure and oil temperature, which makes the whole set of device run more safely and reliably; LM slag vertical roller mill adopts the hydraulic control system to exert and control its force on the material, and it can adjust the pressure according to the change of the material's grindability automatically. The pressure can be adjusted automatically according to the change of material abrasiveness. The important parts are all made of good quality steel, with high wear resistance and long service life. Advantage of environmental protection: The whole system of LM slag vertical roller mill is negative pressure operation, the whole machine is running under sealed and negative pressure, so that there is no dust spillage; LM slag vertical roller mill adopts air box pulse bag filter to collect the finished products, which meets the latest national environmental protection standards; LM slag vertical roller mill has a limiting device, so as to avoid destructive impacts and vibration noise; LM slag vertical roller mill adopts planetary gear reducer for the transmission system, which has low noise. The transmission system of LM Slag Vertical Roller Mill adopts planetary gear reducer with low noise. And it adopts full-automatic control system, which can be controlled remotely, simple and easy.

LM slag vertical mill

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