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Environmental protection measures for crushed stone sand production line

zkj/ Release time : 2023-03-29

 "Under the dome, the haze is raging", environmental problems are becoming more and more serious, and environmental protection has always been advocated by the state. In the sand and gravel aggregate production industry, the process of sand and gravel production will produce dust, noise and other environmental problems, so some measures need to be taken to prevent these dust and noise pollution. So, how to build an environmentally friendly stone crusher production line? In this article, we will talk about how to solve the environmental crisis:

How to build an environmentally friendly stone crusher production line?

Stone crushing production line is a complete set of crushing and screening integration equipment for producing sand and gravel aggregates for construction and other industries, whose equipment mainly includes vibrating feeder, crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, etc.

How to solve the environmental crisis - "dusty" into "green mountains and water"

Dusty under the operation, not only affect the operator's personal health, but also may be due to noise and dust pollution problems by the surrounding residents complaints, sand and gravel quarries are often covered with a thick layer of dust, to turn the "dusty" into "green mountains and green water", in the environmental protection In order to turn "dusty" into "green" and stand firm in the background of environmental protection, it is important to choose equipment and plan the construction of production line.

environmental protection sand production line

environmental protection sand production line

Production line environmental protection measures: closed production line instead of open production line

In the process of processing stone, there will be a lot of dust and noise, which is also the main source of pollution, open-air environment will amplify the impact of noise and dust on the surrounding environment, which does not meet the requirements of environmental protection production, therefore, you are recommended to match the closed stone processing line if you have the conditions; the external configuration of the production line dust cover, dust collector and spraying equipment, a two-pronged approach to basically achieve green production.

Environmentally friendly sand making machine

Environmentally friendly sand making machine

Equipment environmental protection measures: optional environmentally friendly stone crusher equipment

Environmentally friendly sand making equipment is the key factor for smooth start-up and sustainable income of the sand and gravel plant. The heavy focus of the environmentally friendly equipment is on the dust and noise reduction device. The dust removal system is designed inside the high quality environmental protection equipment with good sealing performance and low noise, which can improve the environmental protection problems of the sand and gravel plant. This technology was introduced abroad and then adjusted and upgraded according to the processing needs of local users. The dust and noise reduction device finally developed combines foreign technological concepts and domestic use needs, which can fully enhance the environmental performance of the whole machine, with a dust capture rate of up to 99% and reduced noise decibels to assist you in environmental protection crushing.

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