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The equipment configuration of 200 per hour stone crushing production line, the selection conditions of fixed type and mobile type

zkj/ Release time : 2023-03-30

Stone crusher with 200 tons per hour is a popular machine in the market. There are two options to make a complete set of stone crusher with 200 tons per hour, one is to make a stationary stone crushing production line and the other is to choose a mobile crushing plant. Both of them can meet the demand of crushing 200 tons per hour. Both of them have their own characteristics and can be chosen according to the demand.

Configuration of 200 tons per hour stationary stone crushing production line

fixed stone crushing line

fixed stone crushing line

1. Jaw crusher and cone crusher combination, used to crush some hard materials

2. Jaw crusher and impact crusher combination, for crushing materials of medium and bottom hardness, which require the finished product granularity.

For 200 tons configuration, the jaw crusher can choose PE750×1060 jaw crusher, the choice of cone crusher or impact crusher depends on the material type.

If it is a sand production line, you can configure a sand making machine behind the stone crushing line and choose the corresponding model.

How about 200 tons per hour crushing mobile plant?

mobile stone crushing line

mobile stone crushing line

There are various configurations and combinations of crushing mobile station, a crushing mobile station is equivalent to a production line, the initial investment is not much different from the fixed type, but the later cost is more economical, the advantage of the mobile type is the mobility, saving infrastructure costs; mobile then also does not affect the machine configuration, do not have to install the configuration of the machine again; site restrictions are small, because compared to the fixed type of infrastructure requirements, mobile type does not need The site requirements are so high that you can change the place of operation.

How to choose between fixed production line and mobile crushing plant?

The basic structure of the complete set of crushing equipment is about this, the specific or according to their own actual situation to choose, these two options can meet the requirements of 200 tons per hour

1. According to their own site and budget to choose the program, there are fixed sites, you can choose to consider the fixed stone crushing production line, the site is more restricted, the need to flow back and forth, you can choose mobile crushing plant

2. output size, fixed stone crushing production line on the output of small restrictions, size production can be selected, a single mobile crusher, more suitable for low and medium output customers, if the site is severely restricted, you can also choose to add a few mobile crushing plant, the output will also increase.

3. Choose a good solution for you, and then choose the combination of equipment according to the material, whether fixed production line or mobile crushing plant, the group line selection, there are a variety of supporting programs

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