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How to produce high quality mechanism sand and gravel aggregate, crushed stone sand making equipment types

zkj/ Release time : 2023-04-04

Why is mechanical sand becoming more and more popular, natural sand resources are almost depleted. Only some natural sand has poor quality, small fineness modulus and high mud content, which is difficult to meet the requirements of concrete technology development, so what are the advantages of mechanism sand compared with natural sand, and how to produce mechanism sand with quality beyond natural sand.

Why is the mechanism sand more and more popular, and what advantages does it have compared with natural sand?

1、Quality advantage: the fixed and stable mechanized and industrialized production method of the material source makes the quality of the mechanism sand product stable and adjustable and controllable.

2、Quality advantage: It has good surface energy and clear water, complete gradation, mud content can be controlled, a variety of mineral properties and physical properties are available, particle fineness and fineness modulus are relatively stable and adjustable, and particle shape can be improved.

3、Resource advantages: can use a variety of waste, proper sorting and processing of tailings, tailings can be used for the manufacture of artificial sand equipment, natural sand mining costs are high, mechanism sand processing has a wonderful trick.

High-quality mechanism sand to meet the sand of different construction projects, how to produce high-quality mechanism sand? Mechanism sand processing has wonderful tricks

crushed stone sand production line

crushed stone sand production line

1、The control of the original material: mining before, will have to use the material layer on the cover of the layer to remove clean, do not allow the presence of covering soil, weeds and other debris

2、The control of particle gradation: according to the characteristics of the material to choose the appropriate crushing equipment, effective control of the gradation and angularity, it is recommended that the gradation is 2, fineness modulus is 2.6 ~ 3 between

3、Control of stone powder content: Dry dust collection and wet washing process can be used to effectively and stably control the stone powder content, and it is recommended that the stone powder content be controlled between 6%-9%.

4、Control of mud block content: To control the mud block content of the mechanism sand, it is necessary to avoid the mixing of mud block in the stone loading and unloading process, and further sieve through the vibrating screen.

5、The control of crushing index: the crushing index of the mechanism sand with larger particles is between 20-25%, the safeguard measure is to choose a larger compressive strength, rock integrity of the rock for sand making

mining equipment manufacturers

mining equipment manufacturers

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