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How to recycle mine tailings and what are the uses of tailings after sand making

zkj/ Release time : 2023-04-12

As a large number of ore tailings waste rock pile up a lot of water and soil resources, but also cause air pollution and water pollution, so how to use the ore tailings waste rock, waste to treasure at the same time governance mine, beautify the environment. So, how to deal with the ore tailings waste rock? Can it be made into sand? This article will solve your questions and answers.

Two major ways to reuse ore tailings waste rock:

1. renewable sand and gravel aggregate tailings, through the production and processing of renewable sand and gravel aggregate, tailings sand has a very good anti-corrosion, can be in the seawater erosion effect for a long time.

2. Cement concrete fine aggregate tailings, through production and processing can also be used for asphalt mix or low strength commercial concrete, tailings in the use of cement concrete fine aggregate, there are corresponding standards for particle size, if the particle size does not match, the tailings need to take sieving treatment.

Can ore tailings waste rock be used to make sand? Ore tailing waste rock can not only be made into sand, but also crushed and screened. After processing by crusher, it can reach the standard of sand making, then it can enter the tailings sand making machine for sand making. After processing, it can be used in sand and gravel aggregate and concrete aggregate. After screening and processing with vibrating screen and vibrating feeder, it enters the jaw crusher for the first time, and then crushes with impact crusher for the second time, and if it cannot reach the standard, it can be processed for the second production.

Tailings sand making

Tailings sand making

A complete sand production line requires jaw crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine, sand washing machine, feeder, vibrating screen and conveyor. According to the user's own needs to choose the appropriate equipment, you can also add dust and noise reduction devices, etc.

Case Introduction

300 tons per hour tailings crushing and sand making production line

Equipment configuration: jaw crusher + multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher + vsi sand making machine + vibrating screen, conveyor belt

Processing capacity: 300t/h

Processing material: granite tailings

Finished product specification: 13 stone, 12 stone, 05 stone, coarse sand, medium sand

The cost of tailings crushing and sand making is low, it is simple to obtain resources, and it meets the green standard in terms of production process and high value of finished products.

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