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Reasons for flying car failure in cone breaker

zkj/ Release time : 2023-04-14

In the production process of cone crusher, sometimes because of some special reasons, the speed of the moving cone suddenly increases, the equipment vibrates violently, the safety spring bounces, the working current increases instantly, the return temperature rises sharply, so that the equipment can not operate normally, this is a common failure of cone crusher flying car. So what are the reasons for flying? And how to solve the cone crusher flying car?

Why does the cone crusher appear "flying" phenomenon?

Cone crusher will be because of the dustproof device failure, or closed poorly, part of the dust into the oil circuit of the lubricating oil and lead to the bottom of the crushing cone and spherical bearing, pump cone and eccentric sleeve between the poor lubrication, lubrication system oil temperature continues to rise, viscosity decline, dry friction, which will lead to flying car. There are two main causes of flying cone crusher:

1. Due to poor lubrication, it causes abnormal wear of the spherical surface of the moving cone and the bowl-shaped tile, which leads to the decline of the overall assembly of the moving cone, making the gap between the moving cone and the copper sleeve decrease. Finally, the copper sleeve is deformed, and the spindle is in local contact with the inner bore of the copper sleeve.

2. The clearance between the main shaft and the inner hole of the same sleeve is too small, so that the same sleeve holds the main shaft, and the main shaft rotates at high speed with the eccentric sleeve.

Cone Crusher

Cone Crusher

The impact of cone break "flying car" fault

Cone breakers flying car is a very serious fault, not only will affect the production efficiency, and will damage the equipment parts, its consequences are mainly these.

If the cone crusher is running under load, the crushed ore is not discharged in time, and the ore from the previous process keeps entering, which will inevitably cause material blockage, cause overload operation of the equipment, resulting in the red sleeve burned, and even say the bevel gear teeth broken and other accidents.

So the cone break flying car or a more serious problem, if not handled, or parking is not timely, and even irreversible damage to the equipment, friends still need to pay more attention, pay attention to prevention.

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