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Granite sand making EPC project case introduction, the role of sand making machine equipment in the production line

zkj/ Release time : 2023-04-18

Granite is an igneous rock formed by the condensation of magma below the surface of the earth, mainly composed of feldspar and quartz, and is used for high architectural decoration, hall flooring, and as a material of choice for open-air carving. Because granite is rarer than ceramics or other man-made materials, so laying granite flooring can greatly increase the value of the property, and natural granite countertops have a unique temperature resistance, is the choice of all kinds of plate processing. So how to configure the granite sand making EPC project in Henan Zhumadian? And what is the price of sand making machine?

How to configure granite sand making EPC project? Sand making equipment in the mining-related industries in the role of superb quality pursuit, in Henan Zhumadian City, resource-rich Yang Book town, where the mine position shallow, easy to mine, including Huashan quartz ore, Dushanzi granite and other high grade to sell well in the province and beyond.

The granite is first crushed by jaw crusher, screened after crushing with two cone crusher, and then screened after shaping by sand making machine to ensure the granularity of the finished aggregate; the finished mechanism sand is produced by wet method, supporting sand washing and recycling system and sewage treatment system to ensure the finished sand gradation and no sewage discharge.

EPC sand and gravel production line

EPC sand and gravel production line

The raw material is transported to two PE1200×1500 jaw breakers through two FH1560 vibrating feeders for primary crushing, and then enters a large buffer bin, which is transported to two HST315 single-cylinder cone breakers by conveyor belt for second-stage crushing, and the crushed material is pre-screened by two S5X3075-3T vibrating screens to produce a kind of finished sand. The rest of the material enters three HPT500 multi-cylinder cone crusher high bin for three stages of crushing, the crushed material is screened by two S5X3075-3T vibrating screen, the big material returns to the cone crusher high bin, the rest of the material enters into two VSI6X1263 sand making machine for whole sand making, screened by four S5X3075-3T vibrating screen and two XSD3620 sand washing machine to remove impurities. After washing the sand out of fine aggregate and mechanism sand.

With the hot new generation of sand making machine, sand making machine price is undoubtedly a doubtful issue in people's mind, so when it comes to the price of sand making machine, first we have to understand the performance of sand making machine and how much benefit it can bring to us?

Sand making machine plays a vital role in sand making, the quality of sand, particle size, etc. are affected by the sand making machine, so we need to pay attention to the efficiency and quality of sand making machine equipment. The third generation sand making machine equipment developed by Liming is quite popular in Henan Zhumadian, Gansu Lanzhou and other markets, Liming Heavy Industry granite sand making machine through and jaw crusher, cone crusher with a combination of a variety of sand production line and sand production line production of sand finished grain type excellent, reliable work, long effective working time, low failure rate, etc., the constant pursuit of sand making machine brand effect, Liming Heavy Industry new granite Sand making machine processing the quality of sand and gravel aggregate to meet the standard of construction sand, equipment production technology has reached the international level.

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