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Is it profitable to invest in coal gangue? Coal gangue crusher types

zkj/ Release time : 2023-04-20

Coal gangue crusher is the equipment for processing coal gangue. Coal gangue is a waste, low carbon content, can not be used like coal, a large number of coal gangue pile may cause fire. China is one of the countries that consume more coal in the world, with the application of coal mining in China, the coal gangue produced more and more, coal gangue problem needs to be solved, someone saw the prospect of coal gangue processing and reuse project.

Is coal gangue worth processing? Is there profit?

Coal gangue as a waste, first of all, in terms of price, it will not be very high, the price is low, the investment cost is relatively low. And coal gangue is a hard black and gray rock than coal, the more traditional use is paving, ground filling, land making, etc., but now, coal gangue in the crushing and processing of construction materials production has a relatively high value of use, used in refractory bricks, gangue cement, lightweight aggregate for concrete and other construction materials, the production of crystalline aluminum chloride, water glass and other chemical products; can also use coal gangue and poor quality coal as fuel for Power generation; can also be used in paper making technology. There are many applications of coal gangue reuse, and more hazards, so the prospect of processing coal gangue is still very good, worth processing, the profit is still relatively high.

Coal gangue crusher

Coal gangue crusher

There are many types of coal gangue crusher crusher, the specific choice still depends on the production scale and finished product size.

Jaw crusher is a coarse crushing equipment, generally used in the first pass of the crushing procedure, this crusher crushing ratio, processing capacity, strong and durable, crushing coal gangue, if the fineness requirements are not high, you can choose this equipment.

Impact crusher, impact crusher is the machine for the second crushing procedure, compared with jaw crusher, the discharge is smaller, the discharge size is adjustable, medium crushing, fine crushing can be completed, of course, the feed opening is not as big as jaw crusher.

Sand making machine, sand making machine discharge is smaller, strong processing capacity, and can be shaped to the material, better grain size, hydraulic device is more convenient to install and maintain, and it is best to choose the sand making machine that meets the requirements of environmental protection.

These three above are suitable for gangue crushing equipment, generally need other auxiliary equipment together to form a production line work, you can also choose mobile crushing production line, is also more convenient.

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