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Causes and solutions of belt conveyor failure in operation

zkj/ Release time : 2023-04-21

Belt conveyor as a fast-paced life now, most of the production enterprises are assembly line operations, belt conveyor is indispensable conveying equipment, it has a strong conveying capacity, distance and simple structure and easy maintenance. In the mining, coal, metallurgy and other industries, the application is very wide. In the process of its work, some common failures can not be avoided, in order to reduce the impact of the failure on the whole system, the causes of the failure must be analyzed, and take effective measures to deal with the failure. The common failures in the working process of belt conveyor are mainly as follows:

Belt runout:

When the belt deviates from its original path it will cause the belt to run off. This is a serious problem, which can lead to belt damage, equipment failure and material overflow if not solved in time. There are many reasons for belt deflection, including insufficient belt tension, skewed components, faulty splicing, or material build-up, all of which can cause damage to the belt machine.

Solution: The solution is to identify the root cause to prevent the same problem in the future. Regular belt inspections can help find the problem of belt runout and develop a reasonable solution in time. If the belt deviates slightly, the belt trajectory can be corrected by using automatic centering rollers.

Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyor

Material return:

When small amounts of material adhere to the belt, the conveyor will experience backhaul. These materials can cause a buildup under the conveyor belt, which over time increases cleanup costs and is detrimental to the operation of the conveyor system in working condition.

Solution: A relatively simple solution is to install a special back-run prevention belt cleaner. This reduces material spillage, saves costs and creates a safer working environment. A clean belt will also extend the life of the belt.

Belt damage:

The belt of the transporter is a highly consumable part and is easily cut by the wear and tear of the material, belt carrying frame, forming damage, and the belt is especially important as the belt cost occupies more than half of the overall cost of the entire transport system. When the belt is damaged, how to deal with it?

Solution: First, we should polish the broken surface of the belt machine, clean the broken surface in time, then clean the polished surface with a sweeping brush, use the cleaning agent to deep clean the polished surface, and leave it to dry. Next, apply the adhesive to the repair strip. After lamination, the air will be discharged from the repair surface and compacted. If the belt damage is very serious, it is recommended to change a new belt machine, so as not to delay the follow-up operation.

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