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Price and working characteristics of 100 tons per hour small stone crusher

zkj/ Release time : 2023-04-25

Small stone crusher is also called small crusher, small crusher output is generally within 100t/h. Its high production efficiency, green and environmentally friendly, loved by everyone, recently many users want to know how much is a small stone crusher? How much is the hourly output? This article is a brief introduction.

How much is a small stone crusher?

Small stone crusher price is cheap tens of thousands, expensive but also hundreds of thousands, mainly by the user to choose the type of model and other decisions. The main factors affecting the price of a small stone crusher are the output of the equipment, the wide range of applicable materials, the technology used in the production process, and the size of the equipment feed. Each equipment model variety, advanced features, high production equipment, the natural price will be slightly higher, and vice versa low price. Also with the manufacturers, marketing model, off-season, so the price varies.

stone crusher

stone crusher

How much does a small stone crusher produce per hour?

Users want to know how much crushed stone can be crushed by the crusher in an hour, first of all, we should be clear about the nature of the stone, the degree of hardness and softness, the size of the feed, the size of the discharge and other requirements. Small stone crushing jaw crusher can produce between 1-200 tons per hour, among which 912 small jaw crusher has higher sales.

Small stone crusher advantages?

Small stone crusher green, energy saving, good efficiency, digital intelligence, operation to save resources, protect the environment will, green low-carbon future prospects superior. Small stone crusher structure is simple and reasonable with impact crushing point, low production cost, coarse crushing, medium crushing, fine crushing, etc.. There are safety devices to ensure the safety of personnel, low noise, small footprint.

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