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Reasons for the excellent quality of finished products output from VU sand and gravel aggregate optimization system

zkj/ Release time : 2023-04-27

Want high quality sand and gravel material sand making machine selection is the key, the industry sand making common coarse particles, fine particles, unreasonable gradation, high stone powder content, rough surface, multi-angle and other problems, for these problems to overcome the difficulties of the introduction of the VU aggregate optimization system, let us take a look at this aggregate optimization system compared to the ordinary sand making machine in which good.

Can sand making machine produce good quality sand and gravel material? Of course, the traditional aggregates are of low quality and discrete, which will increase the amount of cement and admixture in the preparation of concrete, reduce the strength, workability and durability, and increase the production cost, in response to this series of problems, Liming Heavy Industry has launched VU Sand Aggregate Optimization System, which solves the problem of producing good quality mechanism sand and makes the performance of mechanism sand comparable to natural sand.

VU Aggregate Optimization System focuses on "stone chips" and "guamishi" which are below 15mm, cheap and easy to get, even discarded, which can not only realize the waste utilization, but also improve the grain size, grading and powder content of the mechanism sand, which can significantly enhance the concrete performance. Concrete performance, for the sand and gravel industry has brought a new model and application value. With good performance and high quality, it is a wise choice for large and medium-sized concrete mixing plants and dry-mix mortar groups.

VU Aggregate Optimization System

VU Aggregate Optimization System

VU Aggregate Optimization System "Six Modules":

VU aggregate optimization system consists of VU impact crusher, granule optimization machine, mold control sieve, humidifying mixer, dust collection module, centralized control system, and supporting with elevator, belt machine, chute, steel frame structure of each layer, etc.

1.VU impact break The comprehensive breaking and grinding effect: it adopts 5-hole rotor, which greatly improves the impact and collision frequency of materials; the grinding mechanism is added at the lower material ring to strengthen the role of rubbing and shaping. After VU impact break crushing and shaping, the needle-like material is reduced, and the finished product is rounded and of high quality.

2.Grain superiority machine Professional grain optimization: through the inner vertebrae rotation drive the sand spiral movement, so that the sand and cavity, sand and sand between the formation of grinding and brushing action, remove the surface of the sand burrs and angles, get 0.15 ~ 0.6mm fine sand.

3.Mould control sieve Convenient screening combination: the adjustment of finished sand grade and stone powder content can be achieved by adjusting the size of negative pressure and divider setting.

4. Humidifying mixer Even humidification: even humidification, reliable work and low maintenance. The finished sand has qualified moisture content, uniform composition and is not easy to be separated.

5. Dust collecting module Environmental protection powder collecting: Adopt negative pressure dust collector, combined with the whole process sealed operation, to ensure no dust on site, and the environmental protection index reaches the national standard.

6. Centralized control system One key start/stop: With an integrated electronic control system, the operation of the whole set of equipment can be monitored and adjusted, with one key start/stop, abnormal alarm, emergency stop, automatic stabilization of operating parameters, etc. to ensure smooth and stable system operation.

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