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What are the equipments needed for the bauxite grinding production line equipped with 200 mesh vertical mill?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-02-18

Bauxite, whose main component is alumina, is an earthy mineral containing impurities of hydrated alumina. Its color is white or off-white, hardness is 1~3, opaque and brittle. It is extremely difficult to melt, and although it is insoluble in water, it can be dissolved in sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide solution. It is often used in aluminum refining, and refractory materials.



Bauxite needs to go through a series of procedures such as crushing and grinding before it can be utilized in production. What equipment is needed to prepare 200 mesh bauxite grinding line? Especially, how to choose the grinding equipment?

Crushing Equipment - Jaw Crusher

The mined bauxite ore needs to be crushed first. The jaw crusher has the advantages of large output, large crushing opening, and the discharge opening can also be wedge-shaped adjustment, which is convenient to adjust the size of the discharge, and its whole machine is made of cast steel, which can ensure stable production operation at the same time, and also because of its simple structure, it is convenient to maintain a lot.

Grinding Equipment--LM Vertical Mill

LM vertical mill has a finished product size between 80-425 mesh, compact layout, small footprint and mature technology, which can be used for grinding raw materials and clinker, and also as a pre-milling equipment to make the subsequent mill significantly increase production and energy saving. The grinding roller is directly crushed on the grinding plate to reduce energy consumption, and the internal hot air is in direct contact with the material inside the mill with drying capacity, which can save a dryer, and the roller sleeve of the grinding roller can be used on the opposite side to double the life.

Auxiliary equipment

To equip a complete bauxite grinding production line equipment not only need to consider crusher and mill, but also need vibrating screen, conveyor, elevator, dust bag and other equipment with the completion.

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