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What are the equipment used in sand and gravel plant, the process of processing large stone into mechanism sand

zkj/ Release time : 2023-05-06

China's vigorous development of infrastructure projects, the demand for stone also rose, in order to meet the demand for sand and gravel, more and more stone crushing plant investment in sand and gravel production, from the mountain mining of large blocks of limestone, granite, basalt, lime stone, etc. are common raw materials for stone plant, then crushing these large stones is how to process into crushed stone? What crushing equipment is needed?

Stone processing sand and gravel, low cost investment and high return. With the implementation of the power restriction policy, plus the tightening of environmental control, the supply of sand and gravel or will be further tightened, but also as a result of the influx of a large number of peripheral market gravel, high transportation costs, the price of sand and gravel is expected to rise.

How to process boulders into sand and gravel:

Boulder processing sand and gravel process: large size (≤ 500mm) of large stones first into the jaw crusher for preliminary coarse crushing processing; then by the belt conveyor to crush the finished product into the single-cylinder cone crusher for further medium and fine crushing; fine crushed stone and then by the tape conveyor to the vibrating screen for screening, screening out different specifications of the size of the stone.

Sand and gravel production line

Sand and gravel production line

What are the equipment for processing large stones into sand and gravel?

There are different specifications of stone material, the production of more stone material has 12 stone, 13 stone and 05 stone and other specifications, according to the discharge, output and other requirements, you need to configure the appropriate crusher model to complete the crushing process.

Coarse crushing equipment: Jaw crusher is used for the first process of crushing various ore rocks, which can process various ores with compressive strength not higher than 320MPa to medium size at one time.

Fine Crushing Plant:Impact Crusher or Cone Crusher, Impact Crusher is a device that crushes materials by impact energy, and can crush various ores and rocks with side length up to 500mm and compressive strength up to 350Mpa.

Auxiliary equipment: vibrating feeder, belt conveying machine, vibrating screen are the auxiliary equipment for stone production.

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