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MTW European version of the mill than Raymond mill in what is better

zkj/ Release time : 2023-05-12

Grinding equipment is still using Raymond mill? It is heard that the Liming European version of the mill is more "sought-after", it is understood that this European version of the mill is Liming heavy industry experts draw on modern grinding technology and concepts, the subconscious development of a number of independent patented technology property rights of the grinding equipment, the model uses a bevel gear overall drive, internal thin oil lubrication system, curved air duct and many other patented technologies. Next with a piece of small to understand this sought-after grinding mill it!

Liming Heavy Industry has fused technology and experience to create the fourth generation of mature and stable MTW Euro Mill. Since the equipment was introduced to the market, it has gradually become a popular grinding equipment in the series of Liming Heavy Industry with the advantages of appearance, performance, environmental protection and other aspects.

With 30 years of precipitation since the launch of the European version of the mill, Liming Heavy Industry has been successfully used in many large thermal power plants and desulfurization projects at home and abroad.

MTW European Version Grinding Mill

MTW European Version Grinding Mill

Compared with Raymond mill, European version of the mill is more "sought-after" for the following reasons:

1、Small energy consumption and high efficiency: MTW series European version mill adopts bevel gear overall drive, compact structure, no reducer, easy to install and improve efficiency. The size of the finished product is adjustable and controllable, and the efficiency of powder selection is high.

2、Innovation and practicality: curved air duct, curved design, air inlet worm without resistance, ring water cooling system to ensure constant temperature of the main shaft and bearings, prolonging the service life of the equipment.

3、Economy: special structure design of grinding roller and grinding ring, curved exchangeable blade shovel, improve grinding efficiency and reduce the cost of use.

4、Energy-saving and environmental protection: The unique air self-circulation system of the machine greatly reduces the amount of external exhaust air, reduces dust and facilitates environmental protection.

5、Excellent safety: humanized design, easy to operate MTW series European version mill has advanced internal structure, the appearance also adopts beautiful curved structure design, the whole machine is more humanized.

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