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The equipment configuration scheme of an intelligent mechanism sand production line

zkj/ Release time : 2023-05-18

With the integration of the Internet, big data technology and the sand and gravel aggregate industry continues to deepen, the high cost of labor, making many investors want to build a smart mine, automated production line equipment has become the trend, intelligent operation, so that the complex operation of simple visualization, the machine can work independently, saving part of the labor costs, reducing the risk of operation, so how much does a production line need to invest? What equipment must be used? Let's understand the situation

The main components of an intelligent automatic sand production line are jaw crusher,cone crusher,impact crusher and sand making machine. Also equipped with auxiliary equipment, conveyor belt, vibrating screen, vibrating feeder and sand washing machine.

The raw material is sent to the jaw crusher for coarse crushing through the vibrating feeder, and the coarse crushed raw material is sent to the cone crusher through the conveyor belt. The finished size of the raw material crushed by the cone crusher, if it can be directly sent to the sand making machine for sand shaping, it can be done without the impact crusher, if it cannot directly enter the sand making machine, it needs to install an impact crusher for tertiary crushing, and these equipments need to be connected with each other Before entering the sand making machine, a vibrating screen is needed to screen the finished products entering the sand making machine, and the finished products that meet the requirements of entering the sand making machine will enter the sand making machine for shaping, and those that do not meet the requirements will need to be crushed again until they reach the particle size that can enter the sand making machine. After shaping in the sand making machine, the conveyor is directly sent to the sand washing machine, and the washed sand and gravel is transported out via the conveyor belt, which is the finished sand and gravel.

Mechanized Sand Production Line

Mechanized Sand Production Line

The whole process of sand making does not require too much manual operation, only the supervision of the normal work of the machine. This is an automatic sand production line.

But this is not the most intelligent sand production line, the more intelligent sand making system is VU sand making system, which is the sand making building. With an integrated electronic control system to monitor and adjust the operation of the full set of equipment online, it can start and stop with one key, emergency stop, abnormal alarm, automatic stabilization of operating parameters, etc. to ensure the quality of the finished sand and, the smooth and stable production line capacity. And the finished sand quality of this system is high, fully enclosed arrangement, can meet the environmental protection requirements, for some customers with high requirements for the quality of finished products, is a better choice.

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