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The difference between construction waste sand making and ordinary mountain stone sand making

zkj/ Release time : 2023-05-19

In recent years, as the country's infrastructure construction is expanding, construction waste is also increasing, which has a great impact on the environment. But the urban development process never stops, the mechanism sand is still a large number of needs, so x23 construction waste sand making x23 become a new trend, but construction waste sand making and normal mountain stone sand making which is better? What is the difference between the equipment for sand making?

Normal mechanism sand of mountain stone is usually cobblestone, lime stone, basalt, weathering material, granite, etc. The quality characteristics of the original stone material will directly affect the quality of the outgoing finished mechanism sand. But different materials processed out of the mechanism sand is also different, because the original stone material has soft rock, hard rock, application areas will also be different. That construction waste is used to make sand is generally concrete block waste, this kind of construction waste sand is generally used in the field of strength demand is not high, and the difference with the normal mountain stone sand is that the application area of the processed finished mechanism sand may be different due to the characteristics of some raw stone material.

What is the difference between construction waste sand processing equipment and normal mountain stone sand processing equipment?

Construction waste processing and handling equipment is generally selected mobile crushing plant, this equipment adopts modular design, universal interchangeability, can be designed according to customer needs for group line, fast delivery. Using the new vehicle integrated intelligent automatic control system, the operation, maintenance and adjustment of the crushing operation process is more convenient and accurate. The truck-mounted integration makes this equipment can be flexibly transferred to meet the factor that the construction waste site is not fixed. Therefore, we would recommend the mobile crushing plant for sand making of construction waste.

Mobile Crushing Plant

Mobile Crushing Plant

Normal mountain stone sand making equipment will generally choose fixed crushing production line, before putting into operation generally need to harden the ground, piling, if you do not want to do cement foundation, you can choose to use steel foundation, except for the foundation material is different, other than the same. The equipment used in stationary crushing production line generally has jaw crusher,cone crusher, sand making machine and other main equipment, with other auxiliary equipment. This kind of production line is easy to operate and highly automated, the whole set of crushing production line operation needs someone to feed the material into the bin and control the switch, if necessary, maintenance personnel need to stop for maintenance, except for the need for too much manpower. And the output limit is small, suitable for the production of large output of stone, mobile crushing plant is more suitable for the processing of small and medium-sized stone output.

Fixed stone crushing line

Fixed stone crushing line

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