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What is the working principle of ultra-fine grinding equipment for quartz sand?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-05-20

Quartz stone grinding equipment can make quartz sand powder, which is the most common kind of grinding equipment used in quartz sand at present, and can effectively improve the product quality of quartz sand. For those customers who want to purchase a quartz stone grinding machine, knowing the working principle of this machine can help them better choose the right machine. The working principle of the quartz stone ultra-fine grinding unit can be divided into:

Start operation: The spindle and turntable of the quartzite mill are driven by the motor and driven by the reducer. When the spindle and turntable are rotating, the roller pins on the side of the turntable will push the grinding wheel to roll in the grinding ring raceway, and when the operation is stable, the material can be supplied.

Uniform feeding: After the operation of the equipment is stable, use the vibrating feeder to feed the quartz sand material into the stone grinding equipment, this process must be uniform and continuous, and use the feeding tube in the process of feeding.

Chunking and grinding: The material entering the quartz stone grinding device will be scattered in the circumferential direction under the action of centrifugal force, and then fall on the raceway, and continue to grind and squeeze under the joint action of grinding ring and grinding roller, and finally crush the material.

Powder selection and collection: The powdered quartz sand fines are sent to the powder selector under the influence of the blower. The powder selector uses the internal impeller to sort the material, and the material that meets the conditions is discharged and then discharged, which is the finished product, while the material that does not meet the conditions is returned to the original place and is crushed again, and so on and so forth, in order to meet the production requirements.

Quartz sand ultra-fine grinding machine

Quartz sand ultra-fine grinding machine

The quartzite grinding equipment is equipped with a muffler, so there is almost no noise pollution during the whole grinding process; the quartzite grinding equipment is under negative pressure during the whole grinding process, so it is necessary to ensure that each part has a good seal; the iron removal device on the quartzite grinding equipment can effectively remove the iron in the product and ensure the high purity of the product; the good wearable parts of the quartzite grinding equipment Wear resistance can ensure that the equipment rarely fails and prolong the service life of the products.

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