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What is the capacity of 69 jaw crusher and how expensive is the price?

zkj/ Release time : 2023-05-23

69 crusher is one kind of jaw crusher, which is 600*900mm. It has the advantages of deep cavity crushing, environmental protection and saving, high output, strong bearing capacity, stable operation and easy maintenance, etc. It is popular among users. The question that has been asked a lot recently is how many tons per hour does the 69 crusher produce? This article provides a detailed introduction to this issue.

How many tons per hour does the Type 69 crusher produce?

The hourly output of the crusher under this specification is about 50 - 160 tons, which can work about 20 hours per day and produce about 1000 - 3200 tons of aggregate per day, which is enough for most users. Of course, this is only an estimation, not exactly the same as the actual output value, which is affected by various factors, and the output value will be different. Users can come to the plant for free trial.

69 Jaw Crusher

69 Jaw Crusher

How much does the 69 crusher offer?

Generally the price is the more concern of customers, the price of 69 crusher is about 8 - 200,000, and the specific needs of your needs to determine the price of the high or low. Our company has strong strength, good technology, affordable price and full range of services, more worthy of your purchase.

How to improve the output of Type 69 crusher?

Control the feed and temperature, even feeding, the right temperature, the equipment can be stable play, good capacity. Proper operation, use is also important for the operation of workers. A stable motor is indispensable.



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