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Maintenance tips for the wearing parts of sand making machine

zkj/ Release time : 2023-05-24

How many of these sand making machine operation taboos do you know? The wearing parts are the key part of the maintenance of the sand making machine, in order to make the sand machine long service life, low failure rate, daily maintenance must be in place, daily maintenance tips. Next we will talk about the sand making machine operation process precautions:

What are the wearing parts of the sand making machine?

1,bearing, bear the entire load of the sand making machine, so regular lubrication and cleaning can directly affect the life of the sand making machine and operating rate.

2,rotor, is the sand making machine high-speed parts, the top of the rotor, internal measurement and part of the edge is easy to wear, so to maintain the balance of the rotor, to avoid vibration, increase the wear of the rotor and rotor bearings.

3,impact block, sand making machine impact block wear and impact block material selection is not appropriate, the nature of the material is closely related, so to ensure that the sand making machine and impact block with the appropriate model, and to ensure that the hardness of the material is in the sand making machine to bear the range.

4,impeller, should maintain counterclockwise rotation, or to adjust the point machine wiring position, feeding should be in accordance with the size of uniform and continuous feeding, to avoid imbalance of the impeller, in addition, when shutting down to stop feeding first, to avoid the phenomenon of crushing the impeller.

Sand making machine

Sand making machine

Sand making machine low output, high dust, easy to break down, may be when the daily maintenance is not in place, today to share with you four daily maintenance of sand making machine tips.

1、regularly stop the machine, check the internal wear of the sand making machine, if the parts are worn, should be repaired or replaced in time.

2、appropriate adjustment of the sand making machine rotating triangle belt tightening force, has to ensure uniform stress, to ensure that the length of each group of belt conveyor is the same, and the current difference between the motor does not exceed 15A.

3、Sand making machine should add grease regularly, add grease once when the sand making machine runs for 400 hours, clean the spindle when it runs for more than 2000 hours, and replace the bearing when it runs for 7200 hours.

4、sand making machine running process belongs to high-speed operation, the operator should be far away from the equipment, when the sand mill wear, it should be shut down before the maintenance, it is recommended to choose professionals to operate.

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