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Gold mining process, gold ore crushing and grinding processing process

zkj/ Release time : 2023-05-25

Gold ore is a mineral aggregate with sufficient content of gold and can be industrially utilized. It is easy to find the considerable commercial prospects of gold ore processing industry from the value of gold. However, gold ore needs to go through beneficiation to become gold concentrate or gold ore with high gold grade, and then after smelting and refining to become fine gold and gold products. Gold at room temperature for crystals, equiaxial crystal system, vertical square crystal lattice, natural good crystal shape is extremely rare, often irregular granular, lumpy, flaky, mesh, dendritic, fibrous and spongy aggregate. Pure gold is golden yellow, containing impurities when its color can change accordingly.

Commonly used equipment in gold ore processing process:

1.gold ore crushing and processing process mainly used in the gold ore crushing machinery: gold ore crushing and processing equipment is mainly composed of jaw crusher, cone crusher.

2. Gold ore grinding processing process in the main gold ore grinding machinery: the main grinding equipment in the process is mainly ball mill.

3. Gold ore beneficiation process in the main gold ore beneficiation equipment: the process according to the gold ore color, the type of gold ore beneficiation process used is different, the gold ore beneficiation machinery used are very different. Mainly include: hydrocyclone, flotation machine, leaching tank, desorption electrolysis system and thickener, etc.

Gold ore processing production process mainly includes: crushing, grinding, beneficiation three processes.

gold ore beneficiation process

gold ore beneficiation process

Crushing and screening - three stages of closed circuit crushing stage:

Large gold ore is evenly fed into the jaw crusher or coarse crushing mobile station by vibrating feeder through the silo for coarse crushing; the coarse crushed gold ore is screened by vibrating screen and sent to single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher machine by belt conveyor for medium crushing; the gold ore material after medium crushing is sent to multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher for fine crushing.

Grinding stage:

The 0-12 mm gold powder sieved by vibrating screen is evenly sent to the mill for grinding, and screened by spiral classifier, and those that do not meet the requirements are sent to the mill for further grinding.

Beneficiation stage:

Beneficiation process, due to the various types of gold ore and different nature, the use of beneficiation methods are also different, but generally use re-election, flotation, amalgamation, cyanidation and today's resin slurry method, carbon pulp adsorption method, heap leaching method of gold extraction new technology. For some kinds of ore, often use the joint gold extraction process.

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