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The advantages of choosing mobile crushing plant for small capacity gravel and sand making project

zkj/ Release time : 2023-05-26

There are two kinds of crushing plants, fixed crushing plant and mobile crushing plant, which are two forms of crushing plants, and there are different types of crushing under these two crushing plants, including crushing, sand making, etc. Is that stationary crushing plant bad? Why do many people buy mobile crushing plant?

Fixed crushing plant is certainly good, but it also has limitations, to be installed in a fixed site, with concrete fixed crushing host, conveyor belt, etc.. As it is more fixed, there is no more difficult operation and so on. So the fixed crushing plant has higher requirements for the site, and it needs to transport the crushed material near the silo to be crushed. The crushing process is solidified and there is no way to adjust the plant for raw materials, project needs, market changes, etc.

Mobile crushing plant

Mobile crushing plant

Mobile crusher is different,mobile crusher is suitable for small and medium output crushing, can be flexibly converted to the site, the site requirements are small. The body is universal, the main machine of crushing plant can be freely switched, one body can be common for more than 10 crusher types, it can be operated independently by single unit or combined into two crushing and screening systems for coarse crushing and fine crushing, three crushing and screening systems for coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing. Flexible group line to achieve fast delivery, customers can buy the host equipment several times to upgrade the existing models, can provide customers with more suitable for the production needs of the equipment, and do not need to repeat the purchase of the frame, or modify the frame. Compared with fixed crushing plant,mobile crushing plant has higher configuration, better design principle and design structure.

In recent years, mobile crushing plants have emerged and are mainly used in many industries such as construction industry, mining, transportation, metallurgy and railroad construction. It is no better than the traditional fixed crushing plant, mobile crushing plant in the construction waste recycling aggregate project, showing its head, the booming development of the construction waste industry has also brought about the best-selling mobile crushing plant, so, mobile crushing plant as a new generation of crushing production line, and the traditional fixed crushing plant on an equal footing, and the journey of mobile crushing plant has just begun, we are willing to call mobile crushing plant is the future The mainstream of sand making world.

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