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Processing lithium pyroxene grinding mill type model, lithium ore grinding mill price

zkj/ Release time : 2023-02-19

As a raw material for lithium chemicals, lithium pyroxene is a hard rock type lithium ore with high grade. The content of lithium oxide can reach 6%, and the grade of raw ore is 0.8%-3.25%. At present, domestic lithium pyroxene is mainly produced in Ganzi and Aba in Sichuan, and there are also a small amount of lithium pyroxene minerals in Pingjiang in Hunan, Ningdu in Jiangxi and an area in Xinjiang. Lithium smelters at home and abroad mainly use lithium pyroxene as raw material. Lithium powder can be widely used in lithium batteries, lithium chemicals, glass, ceramics, semiconductors and other industries.

What machine is used for lithium pyroxene powder grinding?

The lithium ore grinding machines professionally used for lithium pyroxene grinding are mainly Raymond mill, high pressure suspension Raymond mill and vertical mill. Lithium pyroxene grinding machine not only can easily grind ores with Mohs hardness below 7, but also can save 30%~50% energy consumption compared with traditional mills and ball mills.

Lithium pyroxene grinding machine

Lithium pyroxene grinding machine

Which lithium pyroxene grinding mill is better?

The Raymond mill produced by Henan Liming Heavy Industry has advanced technology, stable and reliable operation and easy maintenance. Wear-resistant alloy material process, heavy-duty collision and crushing conditions, service life extended to nearly three times the industry standard, the customers who have used it praise for its production and operation, low comprehensive investment costs. One unit is equivalent to the whole production line, integrating crushing, drying, grinding, classifying and conveying in one. Compact structure, can be arranged in the open air. Small investment cost, the system as a whole sealed full negative pressure operation, no dust leakage, effectively improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

How much is a lithium pyroxene grinding mill?

When customers choose the mill, they need to select the type according to the hardness, output and fineness of the material to be processed. Meanwhile, the price of lithium pyroxene mill with the same capacity is also different due to different fineness requirements.

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