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How much can the discharge size of the ultra-fine vertical mill reach? How to solve the uneven discharging phenomenon?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-05-31

Ultra-fine mill has a wide range of application, simple operation, flexible and convenient, high grinding fineness, large output, small footprint, low energy consumption and many other advantages, its application not only brings a lot of convenience to the mineral powder processing industry, but also makes our production life more meaningful. As we all know, the large processing fineness of the ultra-fine mill can reach 3000 items, and its discharge fineness can be adjusted at will within the range of 325 items to 3000 items, however, sometimes the phenomenon of uneven discharge fineness occurs, why is this?

Ultra-fine Vertical Mill

Ultra-fine Vertical Mill

The uniformity of the ultra-fine mill discharge has a great impact on the quality of the final product. When the ultra-fine mill discharge fineness is uneven, the most likely reason is that, after a period of use, because of the wear and tear of parts and wearing parts, it is easy to cause the phenomenon of uneven discharge fineness, which will not only have a great impact on the work efficiency, but also lead to a decline in the final economic benefits. Therefore, in order to keep the ultra-fine mill in good working condition, its maintenance and repair work can not be slack.

To solve the problem of uneven discharge of ultrafine mill is also very simple, just need to frequently unfold certain adjustments to the ultrafine mill, there are wedge or shim adjustment device between the two rollers, shim device is the use of increasing or decreasing the number or thickness of shims, so that the roller gap changes, so as to adjust the size of the discharge size, this method is both simple and effective, expect to be helpful to the majority of users. Although it has a large volume and many parts, it is very simple to operate, and very easy to maintain and repair.

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