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What types of cement block crushers are available for waste road surfaces

zkj/ Release time : 2022-08-17

After the construction of the road is completed, after a long period of crushing, the damage is serious when the reconstruction process will inevitably produce a lot of cement blocks, cement blocks after processing and crushing production can be put back into use, then today we will understand what crusher equipment will be used in the cement block crushing process.

There are more crushers for handling cement blocks, jaw crushers, impact crushers, cone crushers and mobile crushers can be used to handle brick slag cement blocks, we will introduce the following specific equipment which are suitable for handling cement blocks.

Jaw Crusher: If the hardness of the brick slag cement block you are dealing with is relatively large, use a jaw crusher when roughing it out.If the hardness of the brick slag cement blocks is relatively high and the size of the finished material is relatively fine, you can use a cone crusher for medium and fine crushing.

Cone Crusher: suitable for crushing hard stones, with excellent grain size and a wide range of product sizes from standard ultra coarse to short head ultra fine cavities.

Impact Crusher: suitable for crushing soft stone, adjusting the gap between the impact frame and the rotor can change the material size and shape of the material, widely used in various ore crushing, railway, highway and construction industry artificial sand and stone production.

Cement block mobile crusher

Cement block mobile crusher

Mobile crusher: If the cement block is not concentrated need to choose mobile crusher, this crusher has the characteristics of mobile operation, both multi-stage combination of production advantages, according to different output requirements, crushing cement block discharge type, etc. equipped with different crushing equipment, open up and can run, can be freely transferred, no need to transport materials, convenient, fast, environmental protection and energy saving.

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