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Ore mill noise management corresponding countermeasures

fxy/ Release time : 2023-05-31

Noise control and noise reduction measures of mineral powder mill To want to carry out noise control of the mill, first of all, we must analyze the main noise sources and influencing factors of the mineral powder mill, and according to different situations, use different methods to carry out comprehensive control of it.

1、Try to eliminate the "design noise"

Through the comparative analysis of the noise spectrum of the mineral mill under different working conditions, it is found that the noise is in the second and third harmonic frequencies of the gear drive impact frequency and the system's inherent frequency, the same or close to the region, the reason is to produce resonance, amplitude surge. By adjusting the motor movement parameters to circumvent the resonance phenomenon, so as to eliminate the noise caused by factors such as parts production and installation.

2、Improve the machining accuracy of gears

The noise of the gear system is generated due to the collision and vibration between the gears during the meshing process of the gears, and the sound is formed through the energy transformation of the medium, which leads to the generation of noise. When the mill is working, since a pair of gears has to adjust its center distance according to the rolling distance of the grinding rolls, it is inevitable that the driven gears will fluctuate in speed, and instantaneous acceleration movement will occur, causing impact. To reduce the noise, it is necessary to reduce the vibration and improve the smoothness of the transmission system.

Mill noise treatment

Mill noise treatment

3、Improve the processing accuracy of gears

In the manufacturing process of gears, we have developed a set of strict technical specifications. On the premise of not reducing the strength of the gears, materials with higher toughness should be selected.

4 Improve the balance precision of the two roller bodies of the mill

Starting from the working characteristics of the mill, the reason for the small change in gear load is analyzed, and its impact on noise is pointed out. However, in actual production, the dynamic balance of the grinding wheel is often neglected. Because of the unevenness of the mass of the roll body and the jump deviation of the surface of the roll body to the two shaft diameters, as well as the coaxiality deviation of the two shaft diameters, it will inevitably lead to the inconsistency between the center of mass rotation and the center of motion rotation during the movement of the grinding roll, thus leading to dynamic imbalance and thus the formation of periodic shock vibration. Due to the imbalance of the moment of inertia, the cyclic shock dynamic load is generated in the gear transmission, which increases the noise of the gear transmission. In this way, it can make the roller run smoothly, reduce the inertia influence, and make the roller's unbalance error within the specified range.

5、Improve the installation accuracy of roller body

In the gravel grinding device, the fast and slow roller shaft axis has a certain inclination due to the reasons of production and installation. In addition, when the gap between the gear and the journal is too large, the eccentricity phenomenon is likely to occur, causing inconsistency in the center of rotation, and during the meshing of the wheel teeth, there will also be motion interference phenomenon, bringing additional dynamic load to the gear. Because the gear teeth are installed in the axis of the roller, the vibration frequency of the gear teeth and the vibration frequency of the gear teeth meshing frequency and roller motion imbalance are basically the same. Due to the superposition of the two impacts, the noise of the gear appears as a peak sound pressure level of one cycle. To ensure effective noise control, this installation error was strictly controlled. The balance of the axes of the two rollers was increased so that it was maintained during the movement.

6、Standardization of the operation process

In the grinding process, the environmental conditions required in the grinding process are controlled. Based on this, a new type of grinding equipment is proposed in this paper, and its noise index is analyzed. Therefore, standardizing the operation process is a proven method.

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