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What kind of grinding equipment should be used in the production of manganese carbonate powder?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-06-02

Manganese is a common natural element, which exists in the earth's crust mainly in the form of minerals such as carbonate, oxide and silicate. In today's rapid development of modern economy, manganese and the compounds it contains are being used more and more in metallurgy, chemical, light industry, medicine, machinery, and other industries, so how should we choose the grinding equipment for manganese carbonate ore?

The technology of electrolysis of manganese metal by manganese carbonate ore used in China has formed a more mature production process after years of development, firstly, manganese carbonate ore is ground, and then it passes through liquid making, leaching, purification, electrolysis, passivation washing, drying stripping and packaging.

Manganese carbonate ore grinding process can be divided into two kinds, one is wet method and the other is dry method grinding. Wet grinding can choose ball mill, which can meet the adaptability to the material, has high output, and is suitable for large powder processing projects. It has good equipment stability and short process. However, it has the characteristics of high energy consumption, bulky equipment, high noise, and difficult to accurately control the product size, which makes it difficult for the subsequent processes to run stably, and its water consumption becomes a new limitation. In contrast, dry grinding is the choice of LM vertical mill, which has a mature process, simple process, simple configuration and easy process control for the subsequent continuous leaching. However, its disadvantage is that it generates dust pollution during the production process, and in the case of high water content of the material, it also needs to increase the hot air system to ensure the normal output. In the current electrolytic manganese industry, dry grinding is commonly used.

In the manganese carbonate ore mill, the raw materials are squeezed by the grinding rollers and shear grinding is formed on the raw materials due to the difference of rotational speed between the grinding rollers and the rotation of the grinding disc. The raw materials which are fed into the center of the grinding disc are sent to the periphery of the grinding disc under the influence of the centrifugal force of the rotating disc and pass through the roller channel between the grinding rollers and the grinding disc, and through the roller channel. material blocking ring overflows, at the same time, through the ring nozzle around the grinding disc, the raw material is sprayed to the top at a faster speed, which suspends and dries the raw material and blows the coarse grains back to the grinding disc, and then sorts the fine grains by sending them to the sorting machine above. Eventually, the qualified fine powder which has reached a certain particle size will overflow from the top of the vertical roller mill with the air into the vacuum cleaner, and then air-powder separation will be carried out, and the standard ore powder will be obtained, while the coarse powder will return to the mill to be crushed together with the fed material. By adjusting the hot air temperature and air volume, materials with different moisture can be dried, and at the same time, the particle size of the material to be ground can be adjusted by using the frequency conversion speed of the powder selecting machine.

LM Vertical Grinding Mill

LM Vertical Grinding Mill

LM Vertical Mill is a new type of grinding equipment which integrates crushing, drying, grinding, conveying and dust collection in one. It is characterized by large production capacity, high crushing efficiency and accurate classification.

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