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How to choose the mobile grinding mill equipment with 200 tons per hour capacity?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-02-20

The mobile mill is a kind of integrated combination structure, which expands the working mode of grinding and realizes convenient and intelligent operation, and its working efficiency far exceeds that of conventional equipment, without the need for a fixed site, and can be moved back and forth for operation.

Triple combination mobile station

Triple combination mobile station

Mobile mill host configuration with vertical roller mill, also contains feeder, vibrating screen, conveyor belt, chassis, frame, generator set, etc.

With the transformation and upgrading of the mining machinery industry, the mobile mill is more in line with the modern green and intelligent requirements, through the vehicle mounting system, steering traction axis, easy road transport and site depth, site stationing fast and convenient, coupled with the use of modular assembly form, but also according to the type of raw materials processed, the scale and finished materials of different configuration forms, mainly including European version of the mill and vertical mills, both tire type and crawler type, are available.

How much does a 200 ton per hour mobile mill cost?

A 200-ton mobile mill is currently available on the market for between hundreds of thousands and one million, which is relatively cheap because one unit can replace a sand and gravel production line, but the price will vary due to different equipment configurations, output, models and manufacturers.

The mobile mill uses collapsible feed bin with hydraulic support shield, which reduces the complicated steel frame structure and takes up less space, and can be adapted to various occasions.

The system adopts load-sensing pump + proportional valve set for control, which can realize automatic error correction and stepless speed adjustment during walking.

It adopts large inclination crushing chamber to provide the best bite angle and improve the processing efficiency.

The internal structure strengthens the sealing, self-circulating airflow reduces dust, and is equipped with dust collector and noise elimination device to better suppress pollution.

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