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The performance comparison between cone crusher and impact crusher in the second stage crushing and sand production line

zkj/ Release time : 2023-06-09

In the configuration of the mechanism sand production line, the cone crusher is often used as a jaw crusher after the medium and fine crushing, that is, the second break, so the same is the second break equipment,cone crusher and impact crusher which is better? This article will give you a detailed explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of the cone crusher and impact crusher.

Cone crusher advantages and disadvantages, cone crusher mainly crushes some hard materials, such as granite, basalt, tuff, river pebbles, etc.. In actual production, the cone crusher is used more on mineral processing.

cone crusher

cone crusher

cone crusher machine advantages.

1、Longer life of wearing parts: convenient operation and maintenance, adding automatic functions such as lubrication return oil flow monitoring, horizontal shaft speed monitoring, vibration monitoring and automatic feeding control to prolong the service life of the equipment.

2、Low energy consumption and high output: The structure of fixed spindle and eccentric sleeve rotating around the spindle can bear greater crushing power. Reasonable eccentric distance, cavity type and movement parameters match, which greatly improve the production capacity and working efficiency.

3、Low noise pollution and dust pollution.

Disadvantages of cone crusher:The finished product of cone crusher has more needle flakes and bad grain shape. The cone crusher is often used in large scale and high production line operation. If the grain shape requirements are very strict, a shaper can be added.

Impact crusher advantages and disadvantages, impact crusher is used to crush materials with less hardness, such as limestone, limestone, etc.. In actual production, and building materials, construction projects with more impact crusher.

impact crusher

impact crusher

impact crusher advantages.

1、Grain shape of impact crusher is good, the finished product has less angles: the use of impact operation, the material in the action area of the plate hammer back to the direction of the inlet, increasing the number of blows, the crushing efficiency has been significantly improved, the discharge of better grain shape

2、Long life and low cost: The impact liner is designed in bending shape, and the position can be adjusted according to the wear condition to prolong the service life and save cost.

3. Over iron protection device: When the iron is over, the impact frame will be lifted up quickly by the pressure of the foreign material, and after the foreign material is discharged, it will return to the original place again.

Disadvantages of impact crusher:The noise pollution and dust pollution of impact crusher is large; there are many powder materials. Impact crusher is suitable for small stone production line.

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