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How about the capacity of vertical shaft impact crusher, impact sand making machine model parameters

zkj/ Release time : 2023-06-12

Vertical shaft impact crusher is a common sand making machine in the mechanism sand production line, with sand making + shaping two kinds of crushing functions, the equipment can produce sand and stone aggregate below 5mm with good particle shape and uniform size according to the actual requirements of users, to ensure that it meets the real needs of customers. It is widely used in metal and non-metal ore, construction materials, artificial sand, metallurgical slag, etc. It is especially suitable for construction sand and road sand, but many customers are more worried about the Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher is good? What is the output per hour? And see this article for details.

Is the vertical shaft impact crusher good? The vertical shaft impact crusher absorbs many years of research and development experience and technical concepts, is the launch of the sixth generation of sand making equipment, its equipment technology is mature, less failure during operation, the following is mainly for you to introduce the performance advantages of the vertical shaft impact crusher equipment:

Vertical shaft impact crusher

Vertical shaft impact crusher

1、Sand making and shaping: The optimized crushing cavity structure can realize the rapid conversion of stone hitting stone and stone hitting iron in two crushing modes.

2, large output, high efficiency: the production capacity of single sand making equipment range from 109-583 tons per hour, while following the law of more crushing and less grinding, can reduce the stone powder content, improve the sand rate, and better output quality.

3, no pollution, low noise: occupy small plant area, good sealing effect of equipment, can also reduce dust pollution, reduce noise, more environmentally friendly.

4, low cost, high revenue: because of the sand production of stone materials from a wide range of sources, and a large enough amount, the cost of crushing is not high, as long as the choice of equipment quality is not a problem, the output of materials will be able to bring high revenue.

Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher because there are two crushing modes, both sand making and shaping, sand making capacity of a single unit to reach 109-486 tons per hour, shaping capacity of a single unit to 131-583 tons per hour, if customers want to invest in the scale of the stone plant more greatly, you can choose more than one configuration combination Oh! Below is the detailed information of model and technical parameters.

Vertical shaft impact crusher

Vertical shaft impact crusher

Vertical shaft impact crusher can be reasonably adjusted according to the user's production needs, the use of flexibility, welcome customers to Leming Heavy Industry to investigate the equipment, with material test machine, you can also online consultation Leming customer service, visit the customer use site, to understand more vertical shaft impact crusher consulting.

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