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What are all the situations that cause oil leakage in the production of lithium cone crusher?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-06-12

Some time ago, I introduced the crushing and grinding process of lithium ore, in the crushing process of lithium ore, cone crusher is often used in the stage of fine crushing, in order to ensure the normal operation of the crusher, the maintenance of equipment is an indispensable link, such as lubrication, but in the process of production will be accompanied by the phenomenon of oil leakage, I mainly answer for you today to produce oil leakage phenomenon The reason of the oil leakage phenomenon and the way to prevent this situation.

Cone Crusher

Cone Crusher

What are the causes of oil leakage in lithium cone crusher?

1、Sealing device failure

During the manufacturing process, attention should be paid to the wear of the nylon sealing ring of the drive shaft seat and main frame, oil collector and oil dump ring, and the O-shaped sealing ring between the oil dump ring and the drive shaft. Due to the wear and deformation of these parts after a long period of use, the elasticity required for sealing is lost and the sealing system fails, resulting in oil leakage.

2、Oil return pipe blockage

In addition, the oil cannot be discharged quickly, especially in the case of low oil temperature, so pay attention to check whether there is dirt in the main exhaust hose or pipeline, and check whether there is dirt in the long hole of the drive shaft frame below the drive shaft, otherwise the dirt accumulation will hinder the flow of oil and cause oil leakage of the cone crusher.

3、The oil return hole of bowl-shaped tile is too small

If the oil return hole of cone crusher's liner is too small, the lubricating oil will leak out and less oil will be returned to ensure the lubrication of large and small bevel gears. In this case, the oil return port of the bowl-shaped tile should be appropriately enlarged to ensure the oil return, which fundamentally solves the problem of oil leakage and lubrication of the bevel gear of the conical mill type tile.

4、Improper working pressure

The lubricating oil flows into the lower end of the main shaft from the oil inlet pipe and rubs on the lubricating friction plate. If the working pressure of the lubrication system is incorrect, it will lead to the oil being ejected from the bearing gap, thus causing the lubricating oil to leak along the outer circle of the sealing cylinder.

5、Improper clearance of parts

If the gap between the inner wall of the oil pool of the main seat and the counterweight oil retaining ring is too small, an oil seal will be produced during work due to the influence of tensile force. Under the action of air pressure, the oil seal will continuously leak outward along the inner wall of the main seat.

Second, then how to prevent the cone break oil leakage?

1, to ensure that the equipment is well sealed

The design of the seal structure of the O-seal directly affects the service life of the seal, the seal size of its seal is related to the seal size of the seal. As the installation groove of the seal is too deep, the compression degree of the seal is not enough to achieve the purpose of the seal, so the seal should be reasonably designed and processed to ensure the sealing of the seal.

The seal ring is properly installed to ensure the sealing of the device. Do not use knives with angles to fix the seal ring so as not to scratch the seal ring and avoid pulling it to a deformed state. Lubricant can be properly applied to the sealing ring to facilitate installation.

2、Inspection in production

Regularly check the filter for blockage and breakage, and replace the tightened oil pipeline to ensure that the return pipeline is smooth. In this process, pay attention to clean the ventilation plate on both sides of the drive shaft frame of the cone crusher and pump it.

Check whether the spacing of the oil retaining ring on the inner wall of the oil pool of the main seat and the counterweight block is suitable to avoid the oil seal formed by the lubricant sprayed out between each other, causing the cone crusher to leak oil.

3、Prohibit the temperature of lubricating oil to rise

High oil temperature will cause oil viscosity to drop, accelerate the aging of sealing parts and cause oil leakage. Therefore, we should forbid to raise the temperature of lubricating oil, we can improve its heat dissipation by increasing the heat dissipation area of oil tank, and if needed, we can add cooler to reduce the oil temperature.

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