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The way to improve the capacity of impact crusher, how about impact crusher discharge granularity

zkj/ Release time : 2023-06-13

The material processed by the impact crusher has good granularity and high quality, which is often used in the processing of medium and fine crushing equipment, so how can we improve the capacity of the equipment? So impact break how to get a better product particle size?

Do this 3 points to help you improve the impact bankruptcy performance

The low impact bankruptcy performance, you may not do a good job of these points, the right remedy to help you improve 65 impact break 65 capacity.

One, first of all, uniform feeding, the best use of feeder feeding, feeder can not only continuously and uniformly send the material to the feed port, but also to effectively avoid, because too much material caused by the impact crusher bogging problem.

Second, control the relationship between feed size and discharge size, feed size is large, the discharge size is small, the output will naturally be reduced to a certain extent.

Third, the angle of the impact plate should be suitable, the angle of the impact plate on the material impact on the impact plate to produce a useful crushing force has a greater impact on the purchase and commissioning of impact breakers, must pay attention to the investigation of the angle of the impact plate, as far as possible to make the material and impact plate collision can be perpendicular to the impact plate, to advance the capacity of impact breakers.

Impact Crusher

impact crusher how to get a better product particle size:

Granularity is the goal pursued by sand and gravel friends, so how to get a good granularity? The next explains how to optimize the stone particle size:

First, increase the speed, increase the crushing ratio, is to adjust the relationship between the inlet and outlet, in the case of the outlet does not change, appropriate to increase the inlet.

Second, appropriate to reduce the size of the discharge port, it should be noted that this will increase the content of stone powder to a certain extent.

Third, increase the uniform plate, that is, the third impact plate, so that the material in the uniform plate under the action of optimal shaping, the granularity will be more reasonable.

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