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Can I use cone crusher for 1213 size stone processing?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-06-13

1213 stone refers to the size of 10-20mm size and 16-31.5mm size, respectively, is based on the grain size of the stone to distinguish, belongs to the single grade crushed stone, so the use of cone crusher can produce 1213 specifications of stone, need to pay attention to the choice of equipment models, I will take you to understand it today.

1213 stone

1213 stone

A. What are the different applications of 1213 stone?

Different particle sizes of 1213 stones used in different directions, such as 12 stones used in small low buildings, good collapse, high security, high mobility characteristics, while 13 stones are commonly used in large buildings, large areas, such as building foundations, road pouring and other projects.

B. the selection of cone crusher

If you want to use the cone crusher to process the stone up to 1213 specifications, in fact, you are asking for the discharge size requirements of the crushing equipment, Liming Heavy Industry recommends the cone crusher, cone crusher feed size below 550mm, the production capacity can reach 55-1410 tons per hour, the discharge specifications between 10-75mm (different models of equipment between the discharge specifications are different).

Advantages of the cone crusher equipment:

1、Strengthened frame structure, the main parts are inspected and accepted by non-destructive inspection, which improves the strength of the machine body and makes the operation more stable. The optimized crushing cavity structure can improve the efficiency of laminated crushing and also make the crushing effect of the equipment not be reduced by the wear of the lining.

2、The fully automatic control system has various control modes such as manual control, automatic loading, automatic discharge port and automatic double discharge port, which has high visibility and reduces the difficulty of operation for users.

3、The positive pressure dust removal device can make the air pressure inside the crushing chamber always higher than the outside world, which can effectively prevent the dust and other particles from entering the crushing chamber, polluting the lubricating oil and damaging the bearings, prolonging the service life of the crusher and reducing the maintenance workload.

4. The integrated structure of hydraulic station and lubrication station saves the space of the equipment; the hydraulic system is designed as a high pressure system to meet the conventional pressure requirement, which has a large pressure margin during operation, thus the reliability of the hydraulic system is improved.

Single cylinder cone crusher is a new type of crusher which is suitable for granite, basalt, cobblestone and other materials above medium hardness. It adopts the principle of stratified crushing, with less needles, three-dimensional shape, stable equipment and good wear resistance, which is ideal for stone processing.

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