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What are the powder making equipment that can handle gypsum?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-02-21

As a green, energy-saving and lightweight industrial raw material, gypsum can be used in construction, coating, paper making, pharmaceutical and power plant industries after treatment. With the idea of sustainable development, the environment-friendly gypsum raw material has also ushered in a rare opportunity for development.

Although there are many gypsum resources in China, it must be ground into powder in order to make full use of it.

Gypsum Grinding Equipment--Raymond Mill

Raymond Mill

Raymond Mill

The Raymond mill is also widely used and occupies a large proportion in gypsum production, which can make gypsum into powdered gypsum with uniform particle size and very fine, and the performance and quality of its products have obvious superiority among similar products.

1、Structural improvement: The main structure of Raymond mill is composed of grinding rollers, grinding rings, analyzers, etc. It has a three-dimensional appearance, covers only one-third of the area of an ordinary mill, reduces the weight by half, and doubles the degree of automation, which greatly reduces the workload of workers.

2、More reliable performance: The production process and raw materials are of high quality, with high grinding efficiency, flexible adaptability, low operating costs, adaptability, low carbon and environmental protection and other performance characteristics.

3、Excellent quality: The main parts such as grinding rollers and grinding rings are made of high-strength materials and treated with wear resistance, which can increase the wear resistance by 3 times and the service life by 6 years. After research, this machine is a kind of gypsum grinding device with long service life.

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