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Effective way to improve the cone bankruptcy performance

zkj/ Release time : 2023-06-15

Cone crusher is one of the most popular medium and fine crushing plants in the crushing industry, which is suitable for crushing various medium and hard materials. Every user is seeking for high capacity and high efficiency equipment. As we all know, the output of the plant can be achieved by adjusting the size of the closed edge discharge opening. The larger the size of the closed edge discharge, the higher the cone crushing output and the poorer the quality of the finished product. On the contrary, the smaller the size of the closed edge outlet, the lower the output and the better the quality of the finished product. Therefore, manufacturers can adjust it according to their actual needs. So how to improve the output of cone crusher?

cone crusher

cone crusher

How to improve the output of cone crusher?

When feeding, the belt conveyor should input the material evenly and the material should meet the requirement of the cone crusher to crush the material. Too much or too little feeding will affect the productivity of the equipment; operators should pay great attention to the discharge of the cone crusher outlet and control the speed of the belt conveyor to ensure normal feeding and discharge; regularly check the water cooler, filter and oil pump of the equipment and measure the oil temperature. The general requirement is that the return oil temperature should not exceed 60 degrees, too high temperature is not good for the equipment; regularly check the water seal dustproof drainage of the cone crusher. Once it is found that there is no water or the water quantity is very small, it should be stopped in time, otherwise it will seriously affect the equipment; Every time, the operator should check the oil pressure of cone crusher lock cylinder, especially when the liner plate is seriously worn, more attention should be paid to the fixing bolts of the liner plate on the adjusting ring. Once loosened, the liner plate will be served. For the newly replaced liner plate, it needs to be stopped and tightened once after 24 hours of work.

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