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nickel ore vertical mill in nickel laterite ore in the beneficiation process

fxy/ Release time : 2023-06-16

China's nickel metal production is seriously insufficient, more than 80% of nickel resources rely on imports, of which more than 90% are laterite nickel ore. The laterite nickel ore treatment process includes 2 kinds of processes, pyrometallurgy and hydrometallurgy. The laterite nickel ore beneficiation treatment requires the raw ore to be finely ground by nickel ore vertical mill before beneficiation and purification. Liming Heavy Industry nickel ore vertical mill, large nickel slag vertical mill and other equipment have been widely used in laterite nickel ore beneficiation and purification.

Laterite Nickel Ore

Laterite Nickel Ore

Laterite nickel ore has the characteristics of abundant reserves, easy to mine and easy to transport. With the continuous depletion of nickel sulfide ore resources and the continuous growth of nickel demand, laterite nickel ore will be the main source of nickel in the future. And the technical path of laterite nickel ore development for battery nickel has become mainstream. For the nickel industry chain, laterite nickel ore - ferro nickel - high ice nickel process maturity, open up the laterite nickel ore fire process to nickel sulfate industry route, will greatly alleviate the current situation of structural shortage of nickel raw materials caused by the rapid expansion of battery material projects, the development of the current new energy electric vehicle industry has important practical significance. Wet smelting has the advantages of low energy consumption, low environmental pollution and high metal recovery rate, which is a fast-developing technology route, and many domestic enterprises have started to layout wet smelting projects in Indonesia. Especially for nickel laterite ore with high cobalt content, it has more economic value advantages to be treated by high pressure acid leaching process.

LM series nickel ore vertical mill is the ideal grinding equipment for laterite nickel ore beneficiation process. The nickel ore vertical mill can complete the two processes of laterite nickel ore drying and pre-reduction in the same multi-stage reactor at the same time, realizing the fluidized drying and simultaneous pre-reduction of laterite nickel ore. The reducing hot air is generated by the combustion chamber at a temperature of 900-1100℃, and the reducing hot air contains a certain amount of reducing gas CO and H2. After the nickel laterite ore is dried in the vertical mill, it enters the multi-stage reactor in turn, and the reducing hot air drives the powder particles to be suspended in the reactor to dry and pre-reduce the nickel laterite ore simultaneously and produce hot powder. The pre-reduction rate of nickel metal in laterite ore is 50-80%, and the pre-reduction rate of iron metal is 30-60%, and the moisture content of the dried ore powder is below 5%, so the drying time is greatly reduced. It can shorten smelting time, reduce smelting energy consumption, improve system capacity, and provide an efficient and energy-saving method for drying and pre-reduction of laterite nickel ore.

LM Vertical Roller Mill of Liming Heavy Industry

LM series vertical mill is mainly composed of grinding roller assembly, grinding disk assembly, hydraulic station, transmission arm assembly, powder selector, main reducer, motor, body, main reducer lubrication station, hydraulic station, PLC electric control cabinet and other parts.

Working Principle of Nickel Ore Vertical Grinding Mill

The main motor drives the rotation of the mill through the reducer, while the hot air enters the vertical mill body through the air inlet, and the material falls in the middle of the mill from the lower material inlet. Under the action of centrifugal force, the material moves evenly from the middle to the edge of the mill, and when it passes through the grinding roller channel area on the mill, it is crushed by the grinding roller, and the large piece of material is crushed directly, and the fine grain material is crushed by the extrusion to form the material bed for intergranular crushing. The crushed material continues to move to the edge of the grinding plate until it is taken away by the strong airflow at the wind ring, while the larger granular materials fall back to the grinding plate to continue to be crushed, the material in the airflow passes through the upper separator, under the action of the rotor blades, the coarse particles return to the grinding plate, and the qualified fine powder comes out of the mill with the airflow and is collected by the powder collector of the system, and the collected powder is the product of the vertical grinding. Iron and other debris mixed into the material with the movement of the material to the edge of the grinding plate, due to its own weight and can not be blown up by the wind, fell to the lower cavity of the mill by the scraper installed in the bottom of the grinding plate scraped into the slag discharge mouth out of the machine.

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