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Grinding technology of new energy cobalt ore?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-06-19

The world's cobalt reserves are highly concentrated in countries such as Congo, Australia, Cuba, Zambia and Russia, accounting for 95% of the world's total reserves, among which the reserves of Congo (Gold) account for 50% of the world's reserves, and China is a country with scarce cobalt resources; cobalt is widely used in aerospace, machinery manufacturing, electrical and electronic, chemical, ceramic and other industrial fields because of its excellent high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and magnetic properties, and is one of the important raw materials for manufacturing It is one of the important raw materials for manufacturing high-temperature alloys, cemented carbide, ceramic pigments, catalysts and batteries. Cobalt resources are mostly associated with copper cobalt ore, nickel cobalt ore, arsenic cobalt ore and pyrite deposits, and there are very few independent cobalt minerals, and the reserves of terrestrial resources are small, and manganese nodules under the sea are an important prospective resource for drilling.

Cobalt Ore

Cobalt Ore

In the raw ore processing stage, crushing and grinding equipment is required. Cobalt ore is a metallic ore, and its hardness is much higher than ordinary ore, so it usually needs to use 2-3 stages crushing equipment.

1. Coarse crushing equipment

After the cobalt ore is mined, its size is relatively large, so it needs to be crushed by jaw crusher first, which can crush large pieces of ore to medium size at one time, and the size of jaw crusher discharge is usually 10-30cm.

2. Medium crushing equipment

The cobalt ore from the jaw crusher is sent to the coarse crushing cone crusher for further crushing. It is recommended to use the hydraulic cone crusher, which has better performance than the spring system, and the efficiency and output are greatly improved, and it is more convenient for maintenance at the later stage.

3. Fine crushing equipment

The cobalt ore from the coarse cone crusher is sent to the fine cone crusher for further crushing, and the output material below 30-50mm can be directly sent to the mill for grinding processing.

4. Grinding equipment

Next is the grinding link, metal ore powder making can choose vertical roller mill or ball mill, which can grind small pieces of cobalt ore into fine powder for mineral processing to extract fine powder.

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