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What are the types of stone crushing equipment with an output of 300-400 tons per hour

zkj/ Release time : 2023-06-20

Jaw crusher as a mining machinery industry widely used a coarse crushing equipment, whether sand quarry to play sand, or stone plant crushing stone, or grinding plant grinding, mineral processing plant beneficiation can be used and essential. Inclusive, large feed size, crushing materials of many types, models complete, there are very few stones that it can not take, so as long as the use of stone crushing, you can not get around the issue of how large jaw crusher selection. So how big jaw crusher is required for crushing 300-400 tons of stone per hour?

For crushing 300-400 tons of stone per hour, the daily output of jaw crusher can reach 6000-8000 tons if it works 20 hours per day. According to 8 hours of work per day, the daily output is about 2500-3200 tons. The output will also be different depending on the working hours. Customers can estimate how big jaw crusher they need according to their working hours and how many tons of stone they need to produce per day.

PE Jaw Crusher

PE Jaw Crusher

There are many types of jaw crushers with the capacity of 300-400 tons per hour, the most common one is PE jaw crusher, which can process all kinds of ores with compressive strength not higher than 320MPa to medium size at one time, with split welded cast steel frame, simple structure, easy to operate and maintain. And there is overload protection device will be more than its crushing capacity of the material into the material, these materials will have a negative impact on the operation of the equipment, and even damage the equipment, this jaw crusher will elbow plate self-break, to protect the equipment from damage; can choose PE900 × 1200 model, or PE1000 × 1200 model, both of which can meet the needs of 300-400 tons per hour capacity.

C6X Jaw Crusher

C6X Jaw Crusher

C6X series jaw crusher can also reach 300-400 tons per hour. The difference between this machine and PE jaw crusher is that it can coarse and medium crush various ores and rocks which are hard and highly abrasive. This jaw crusher can be selected according to the product size and discharge opening size, but most of the models can meet the demand of 300-400 tons per hour. The specific jaw crusher you need to choose and the size of jaw crusher you need to use can be selected according to the different characteristics of the material.

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